Idées de photos pour pimenter vos réseaux IG/FB/Pinterest

These days, everyone is at home and online. So this is your chance to maximize your visibility to people on social networks!

Whether you have a business or are a hobbyist, posting on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is a must. For marketing and for the community.

As a business, you learn a lot about your target audience and gain trust and credibility. The more you post, the more visible you become, the more engagement you get and the more your target audience will trust you and choose you over your competitors.

As a hobbyist, posting on social networks allows you to record your progress. Artists, budding gardeners, crafters, woodworkers, furniture makers: you'll find your community on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, and in addition to receiving compliments for your work, you'll also learn from your peers.

What do these three social media platforms have in common? Beautiful images.

You need to improve your photography technique if you want to get noticed and followed! Fortunately, you don't need expensive professional cameras to take good pictures.

Here are some of our photography ideas, tips and techniques!

Before and After Photos

Few things will get people to stop scrolling through their news feed than great before and after photos.

You may want to wait a bit for the big reveal, but the effect is worth it! Use the before and after photo as the main photo in a multi-photo post or carousel post.

Behind the scenes photos

Consider the before and after photos as the final product. In the meantime, post behind the scenes of the project.

It's not always necessary to post perfectly styled photos. Try posting your messy desk or work table. You still need to tidy things up a bit, and there are certain types of clutter that people don't want to see, but if not, embrace the mess!

A half-finished painting in the middle of your brushes and paint pots will look mysterious and wonderful. A photo of your indoor bike with your wet towel on the handlebars is a humble brag about the effort you just put in! A photo of your kids half asleep at breakfast will look cute, especially with all the other photos of you organizing homeschool and crafts.

Mix your angles

This one isn't really an idea, because you've probably seen a lot of photos taken from above. But there's a reason it works. Also called "flat lay", it lets your creativity flow through the way you arrange things. And you have to admit that a top view is an angle we don't usually see in real life.

You don't run any risks when you take photos from the top view. Use this flexible support to give your phone stability and height.

Another popular angle to try is the "worm view": you are on the ground and you take a picture upwards!

Adjust your phone!

Do you get pictures that are not very sharp all the time? That's because of camera shake. You may not notice it, but your hand may have moved your phone when you took the picture. This movement may be tiny, but it still affected your photo.

Use a tripod ! This tripod can help you take crisp, clear pictures indoors and outdoors!

Sometimes all you need is a tripod. And good lighting, too.

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