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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Housse de protection AirPods sport anti-choc avec mousqueton Étui AirPods Paprikase Noir AirPods Pro Housse de protection AirPods sport anti-choc avec mousqueton Étui AirPods Paprikase Rouge AirPods Pro
AirPods sport anti-shock protective case with carabiner
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Housse de protection AirPods design marbre Étui AirPods Paprikase Noir AirPods (1re gén)/(2e gén) Housse de protection AirPods design marbre Étui AirPods Paprikase Blanc AirPods (1re gén)/(2e gén)
AirPods protective case marble design
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What are the existing protections for headphones?

No more headphones or wired headphones that get tangled and deteriorate, make way for wireless and bluetooth audio technology that allows you to be free of your movements and offers unprecedented listening comfort with external noise reduction.

Apple's AirPods are simply two small headphones with in-ear tips or not, depending on the model, without a wire, which are accompanied by a white storage case adapted to their recharge. And this case, precisely, also deserves protection.

That is why, at Paprikase, we suggest that you opt for a earphone protection, or simply an AirPods protection. We do not yet offer protection for bluetooth headphones, but we already have several categories of protective cases for the white case of your Apple Bluetooth headphones, whether they have in-ear tips or not.

The list of protections that we offer on Paprikase is compatible with the first and second generation AirPods from Apple and our products are always the best quality/price ratio, regardless of the model of protections and their categories.

How to choose the right earphone protection?

If you take your AirPods everywhere, even to sports, and you want to preserve your Apple Case and keep it as new, we can only offer you the shockproof sports protective case for your earphone case. Designed in premium silicone, it is perfectly compatible with the case of the first two generations of AirPods. This model is the absolute protection for your wireless audio headphones. It absorbs all shocks thanks to its silicone and adapts perfectly to your case thanks to its size compatible with your first or second generation AirPods.

It’protective case for AirPods is also equipped with a carabiner to ensure additional security to the product, you no longer risk losing the case of your AirPods while skiing or running. The storage will always remain nearby so that you can store your bluetooth headphones and not risk ending up with more than one earphone. It also protects your wireless case from splashing water, an essential comfort when you practice a sport in the rain or on the water. High security performance at a lower price. It’sports silicone protective case is a product available in stock in three colors: black, red or blue.

If your choice turned instead to a protection with a prettier design, Paprikase offers you the earphone case protection case with a marble design. Designed in rigid PC and not in silicone, these cases are real cases for your AirPods case. Their smooth surface offers a comfortable grip, as if the case were bare. If you are not a fan of black marble, the marble protective case, compatible with the first two generations of AirPods, exists in our stock in several colors, whether white, pinkish or bluish.

All of them offer a optimal protection against scratches, shocks or water and are no more messy than black. Make your choice quickly, the marble case has very good reviews and is very quickly a victim of its success as soon as it makes its return, so watch for its availability.

Paprikase, the best site to buy your headphones protections

At Paprikase, all ourprotections for AirPods, compatible with the first and second generation for the moment, also benefit from free shipping all over the world from 30 EUR of purchases.

And Paprikase assures you a fast delivery of our stock in France to your home. So make your choice, the delivery is done in 48 hours.

Paprikase is the best quality / price ratio and the best reviews for your protections for headphones and headsets.