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Brassard téléphone sport et course à pied Brassard Paprikase Gris  Brassard téléphone sport et course à pied Brassard Paprikase Noir
Phone armband for sports and running
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Brassard running/footing pour téléphone Brassard Paprikase Noir inférieur ou égal à 4.7" Brassard running/footing pour téléphone Brassard Paprikase
Running/footing armband for phone
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What are the features of the smartphone armband?

The phone armband is above all a universal support and compatible with all smartphones. It is often presented in the form of a pouch or cover, made of fabric or not, that you hang on your arm or even on your wrist, or even on the belt. We slip it easily with the mobile in the pocket!

He is one of the essential accessories for smartphone and for good sports sessions such as running, running, cycling or even if you are in a car. They complement any stand or your bag very well.

Practical, the armbands are available in several dimensions (expressed with us in centimeters rather than inches) and are constantly in stock following their great popularity!

Find at Paprikase phone armbands, iPhone or Samsung, in black or pink, at the best quality / price ratio and benefit from fast and free delivery in France and elsewhere.

In what situations should I use a phone armband?

A mobile phone armband can generally be used duringsports sessions as we told you. It attaches directly to your arm, which is very convenient! But depending on the dimensions of the case, you can also hang it on your wrist or belt. They cuff slip like a clutch, in winter, very easily into a jacket pocket, or slip it into your bag with your smartphone in it. When we say practical, we mean it!

You also keep the use of your headphones during your run, or running, and cycling. If you forget to take it off your arm when you get back in your car, it doesn't matter, your mobile phone is firmly attached to your arm. You can easily use the touch of your mobile

Also called armband, the armbands are not only available in one single size. Depending on the models, they are sometimes even 100% adjustable. Each has its own dimensions therefore (we express here the size of a cover or case in centimeters and not in inches). The armbands are also available in several colors such as pink, or black.

Discover our Running/jogging armband for phone and iPhone in black for sports, or even theSports and running smartphone armband for iPhone and Samsung (also available in black). Their size and dimensions are available in the descriptions. An essential support for your activities! Use our comparator to find the one that suits you.

And the delivery is fast and free, and prices so small, it's a pleasure!

Which phone models are compatible with smartphone armbands?

All smartphone models such as the iPhone and Samsung are available with this type of universal holder that also adapts to your headphones. Our armbands in fabric or not, are available in several colors (especially black, the timeless) and size, and you can use a comparator to confirm the fact that Paprikase has the best quality / price ratio for running accessories!

Do yourself a favor by adding a phone holder or even a waterproof housing, at a low price, to your collection ofaccessory size for your smartphone. Or even a protection for your touch screen in stock!

The delivery is fast and freee from € 30 of purchases that you want a delivery in France or elsewhere!