Pourquoi Paprikase ?

Why Paprikase?

Because a little paprika on barbecued chicken - don't forget salt, pepper and herbs de provence - surrounded by our best friends on a beautiful sunny day, proves that happiness is sometimes quite simple to achieve.

We want you to enjoy this moment without the worry that your phone, sitting on the corner of the table next to the sausages, might inadvertently fall out.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to accompany your moments of happiness and sharing on a daily basis, we have made it our mission!

Our new identity embraces this mission fully and comes with a big change...

Delivery times divided by 10

It was unthinkable to continue to have such long delivery times after the feedback we had from our customers.

After a year and a half of working tirelessly to rethink our entire logistics, THIS IS IT!

Since a few weeks, our customers benefit from a delivery in 24 to 72 hours, as opposed to ten or fifteen days before.

It is a great challenge that we have taken up and we are very proud of our team for having succeeded in this complex change for a small company like ours.

In a few weeks, it will be possible to be delivered in relay parcel and in express, and this, in all Europe ;)

Next... new phone brands!

Our product team is currently working on your Xiaomi, Oppo, Samsung Galaxy J, Samsung Galaxy M, Samsung Galaxy Z, Huawei Y, Huawei Nova, Samsung Tab, Xiaomi Pad, Oppo Pad, and Huawei MatePad.

Around October - November 2022, you will find a selection of products compatible with these brands and ranges on the store :D

These new products will be accompanied by new products for the phone brands we already cover of course: iPhone, iPad, Samsung and Huawei.

All this is thanks to you, THANK YOU!

As you may know, Paprikase was just a project not even 3 years ago.

My sister and I started with our own little student funds, from scratch, no investors or outside money, just our own hard work to move forward...

So it is especially to YOU, our customers, that we owe a big thank you.

Without your loyalty and trust, it would not have been possible to go so far, to create jobs in France, to give part of our profits to an association that is close to our hearts...


We hope to see you soon on the store, and we wish you a nice vacation in the meantime.

Elena and Natalia
Founders of Paprikase

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Pourquoi Paprikase ?

Why Paprikase?

Why Paprikase? Because a little paprika on barbecued chicken - don't forget salt, pepper and herbs de provence - surrounded by our best friends on ...
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