Protect your tabletProtecting your tablet, Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab or Xiaomi Pad, also means protecting its screen against scratches and shocks. Tablets, Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad or Xiaomi Pad, have touch screens with high graphic quality. Paprikase offers you the best way to protect them!

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Protection d'écran verre trempé iPad Protection d'écran iPad Paprikase iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3  Protection d'écran verre trempé iPad Protection d'écran iPad Paprikase
iPad tempered glass screen protector
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Why opt for a tablet screen protection?

The objective is to make the screen more resistant thanks to agood protection. And the best protection is to combine shell and protective film for tablet. With these two, your tablet will beperfectly protected

Whether you opt for a tempered glass or a hydrogel film, the protective films are just as important as the protective covers to keep your device intact for as long as possible and improve the hardness of the product.

Which protection to choose for your tablet screen?

In the online store Paprikase, we offer you the best, today, in the range of protective films. To protect the screen of your tablet is to opt for accessories and protections of premium quality, a choice that Paprikase offers you easily.

If you are rather clumsy and your tablet tends to to slip out of your hands, the best choice to make is a tempered glass, or screen glass. Equipped with the same coating as your screen, tempered glass for iPad is the strongest protection against shocks. In case of a fall, it's the tempered glass that will absorb shocks thanks to its 9H hardness and its quadruple surface treatment. You will be able to remove the broken tempered glass and realize that your screen is immaculate. It is ultra-thin, which allows it to be compatible with lite cases, anti-scratches and easy to install. It also has a preventive treatment against fingerprints. The tempered glass window is so thin and fits so well the dimensions of the screen of your tablet, that it does not alter its touch in any way and allows you to continue working serenely on your latest graphic creation.

Whether your tablet is an Apple iPad, a Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Xiaomi Pad, it deserves thebetter protections, and we offer them in the online store Paprikase.

Opt for Paprikase, it is to ensure you the best protection for your tablet screen

Whatever screen protector you are looking for, you will find it at Paprikase. 

Paprikase offers a full range ofprotective screens for iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Xiaomi Pad. All tablets will find their compatible premium quality film. All films are sold with a screen cleaning pack for a perfect installation.

In short, whatever the range of your device and your need, Paprikase a the protective film made for you in stock and at the best price, and ships it to you in a very short time. So no longer live in fear of an overpriced repair for your screen, opt for the best protection.

And for even better protection, opt for the cases and screen protectors pack for your smartphone. Paprikase ships it to you and the delivery is fast and free anywhere in the world from 30 EUR of purchases.