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Anti-spy screen protector tempered glass iPhone
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What are the advantages of opting for an anti spy tempered glass to protect your phone?

It doesn't matter what your smartphone is, whether you have an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, a Huawei or a Xiaomi, you certainly don't want prying eyes come to rest on your screen while you are using it. For this reason, a screen protector film stands out from the crowd: the anti spy tempered glass

The anti spy treatment is a real privacy filter which takes on a black color as soon as the screen is a little at an angle. That is to say that the screen of your smartphone is visible only if you are facing it. The person next to you, observing your screen, will only see a black color, preventing him from discern your information

Nowadays, all private information is at risk, and none is safe from prying eyes. It is precisely for this reason that the vtempered glass of anti spy protection ranks at the top of the list of reviews about protective films. In addition to its excellent protection against prying eyes, the anti spy tempered glass is also an excellent protector against shocks, falls and scratches

The hardness of its tempered glass makes it ultra resistant against shocks. The anti-spy tempered glass ensures ultra protection of the entirety of your screen, while preserving the touch. Indeed, the privacy filter does not alter the touch of your screen in any way and guarantees the same use as a simple tempered glass.

In addition, the tempered glass material allows you to easily clean your screen to make unwanted fingerprints disappear. So, if you are looking for one of the best protective accessories for your smartphone, do not hesitate to opt for the protective film in anti spy tempered glass

Your screen will definitely be protected from prying eyes, shocks and fingerprints, while preserving the sensitivity of the touch.

What are the phone models that can be protected with an anti spy glass?

At Paprikase, we offer you the anti spy screen protection glass compatible with your Apple iPhone smartphone and your Samsung Galaxy. Both transparent and opaque, the anti spy tempered glass will make your screen perfectly transparent to your eyes and opaque to those of others. Opt for the confidential and the resistant, with an anti spy tempered glass. Quality and hardness guaranteed.

Also discover our range of tempered glasses for your Apple iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy, and our hydrogel protective films.

At Paprikase, delivery is fast and free from 30 EUR of purchases.