There are a lot of protective accessories available for your tablets Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab. But have you ever tried the protective pouches? In addition to being aesthetic, they are practical and above all useful! Discover the ones we offer in our Paprikase store, at best quality / price ratio.

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What are the characteristics of tablet protective covers?

A protective cover for a tablet such as an Apple iPad for example is, just like our Minimalist and elegant iPad pouch, a sober and classy case usually gray or black. This is a different product from a shell.

Universal, it makes it possible to adapt to any type of device. Whether you have a 12-inch iPad, or a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can store what you want there.

They pouch tablets and iPads are beautiful, elegant, adapt to any type of clothing since it's also very fashionable to walk around with your leather or black fashion accessory (for example) in hand. Soon detail who don't really care anymore in the end!

Don't wait any longer to get one or even a case and a cover in addition, to protect your tablet (iPad or Samsung Tab) in our Paprikase shop ! Delivery is fast and free from € 30 of purchases and can be combined with an ongoing promotional offer.

What are the advantages of opting for a tablet protective case?

The advantages are numerous. Already, as we told you, the protective cover or case for tablet is universal

We were talking about the advantage of being able to store any type of tablet there Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, but in fact it's much more than that. We will give you more details :

You can also store it there, and use it as a protection, for yourlaptop computer, or even your computer and your mobile phone! Because yes, a black cover or case, or even a red folio with a flap, or even a white case, whatever the name, also has this storage function. A bit like a bag finally! That it doesn't matter how many centimeters or inch what do your tablets, your iPads, your Samsung Galaxy Tab do, you can store them all safely in these covers.

Having enough space as you can see in the photos available on our shop, you can put your iPad in a cover with its case, its cover, its shell, its rotating support or its simple support, and even its keyboard and its usb cable! No more need to undo everything to take your Samsung Galaxy Tab with you everywhere. And if you have several devices, just change the storage position a little and voila. Weight level, it's all light!

If we're telling you this, it's because surely you've already thought about protect your Apple iPad 12-inch or Samsung Galaxy Tab 10-inch (regardless of the generation) with a case, a smart case with magnetic closure, a cover or even a lite case with a clean design, and not necessarily just for the contours of it... but also for as a protection for its very precious touch screen! Our cases and folios protect your devices from A to Z. Including the keyboard. Several colors are available, including the unmistakable black. And this, at the best quality / price ratio on our shop.

Also take advantage of the free shipping !

What are the tablet models that can be protected with a tablet cover?

All of them, no matter the gen! As a reminder, a tablet cover has a universal protection function regardless of the material (silicone etc.): Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab... A case that doubles as a bag but above all as a Swiss army knife, a leather case, black, red, white or whatever makes you happy to decorate your tablet is in stock at Paprikase. You can also dress the tablet with a case.

You can also discover our tablet screen protectors touch, our smart cases, our lite cases, and other cases and support rotatable tilt for your tablets, iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab, no matter how many inches they are. You can also get a cover or a case for your smartphone directly on our shop!

Speaking of support, we can offer you a tablet holder, or even two that we warmly recommend to you: the Adjustable metal and non-slip support(available in silver but also in black) and the aluminum Holder for phone and tablet.

So don't hesitate any longer, don't choose between safety and style, order in the Paprikase shop a cover, a case or a pouch in stock and benefit from the free and fast delivery from €30 of purchases.