When you have a phone, you don't leave details to chance and you like to get all kinds of accessories that make its use more pleasant. At Paprikasewe offer you a large choice to please you every day!

Our best sellers in the phone accessories category

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Flexible arm support for phoneFlexible arm support for phone
Flexible arm support for phone
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29 reviews
Magnetic phone holderMagnetic phone holder
Magnetic phone holder
Sale price£9.00
17 reviews
Wooden phone holderWooden phone holder
Wooden phone holder
Sale price£15.00
15 reviews

What are the existing phone accessories?

phone accessories 

phone accessories, you will find the USB to Lightning, USB-C or Micro-USB cable, the magnetic holder, adjustable holder, car holder or bike holder, the sports armband or even the waterproof protective case that you are looking for.

Phone Cases  Phone Screen Protectors and Tempered Glasses. These cases and these screen protection films exist for your iPhone, your Samsung Galaxy or your Xiaomi.

everything you need 

How to choose your smartphone accessories correctly?

your ideal cable  essential phone accessories.

desktop stand 

phone holder car mounts 

bike support, Paprikase offers you a very easy-to-use elastic support that attaches to the handlebar and leaves free access to the screen of your mobile phone. Also find the 100% waterproof case for bike and motorcycle. This product has an ultra sensitive polyurethane thermoplastic glass to allow you to use your touch screen without problems.

sports armband  universal sports armband for smartphones 

waterproof phone case 

protect the case of your headphones