The lovely brochette

At Paprikase, happiness is quite simple: having a purpose, enjoying good health, sharing a great meal with your family and having a toast from time to time with your best friends. We love all these wonderful moments that are worth living, where we take a little break from the Wi-Fi. Where we share, laugh and dance.

We're Elena and Natalia! We were students pursuing engineering degrees....until something clicked.

We were having Sunday brunch on a small balcony of a flat.
Our mini barbecue had heated up perfectly, and our chicken brochettes, sprinkled with paprika, were making that little crackling sound that makes your mouth water.

As the delicious scent of paprika wafted through the air, feelings of doubt washed over us. What's the sense in working for a gigantic company that we would get lost in like in a labyrinth? One where we don't really know our colleagues or what they do? Nor our customers?

A crazy idea came to mind... What if we founded our own company? A company on a human scale that looked like us and was close to its customers?

Some companies were born in a garage; ours was born while feverishly fiddling with our jar of paprika. There's something for everyone.

Boom! Ah, a phone fell!

We told you that our company was formed at that moment, but the truth is that the gist of the project didn't come to use until five minutes later.

Completely absorbed in our conversation regarding our future plans and the utter upheaval of our lives, we completely forgot our phones. Especially Elena's phone, which was sitting on the corner of a table. Waving her hands, she sent it sailing from the table to the bay window...

The repairs are going to be expensive this time, for sure. The huge crack from one end of the screen to the other literally spoiled the mood. But why didn't the phone have a case or a screen protector?

A combination of reasons you're all too familiar with: it's too expensive, I don't want to spend the money on it, "it can wait" and anyway, "there's nothing I like."

While trying to laugh about it, we said to ourselves, "Well, there we have it!" We'll design cases for people who throw their phone across the balcony and can't find a "case for it!" *laughing*

A lightbulb moment.

An epiphany!

Hello Paprikase.

More than 100,000 customers

French company

Delivery in 24 - 72 hours

Why Paprikase?

Because a bit of paprika on barbecued chicken - and don't forget the salt, pepper and herbs de Provence - surrounded by family on a beautiful sunny day proves that happiness is often quite easy to achieve.

We want you to enjoy this happiness without worrying that your phone, sitting on the corner of the table next to the sausages, may inadvertently fall.

We want to create relationships with our future customers and not be "just another website". Above all, we want to feel that our work makes a difference in your lives.

After two years of not only excitement, ambition and laughter, but also tears, hard work and weekends cut short, we've finally achieved a semblance of stability and look forward to serving our customers for many years to come.

No more (bell pepper) seeds ruining our precious moments.

Welcome to Paprikase!

Donation to Save The Children

Part of our profit is donated to the international organisation Save The Children. To us, helping children worldwide is essential because they will grow to be the adults of tomorrow, making the world go round and influencing it, along with our own children. That's why we give a helping hand to this organisation, at our level...