Protecting your smartphone also means protecting its screen against scratches and shocks. Today's smartphones, whether they are Samsung, Huawei or iPhone, have high quality touch screens and require screen protectors protections like the ones we offer atPaprikase.

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Why opt for a screen protector?

protect your screen 

Today's smartphones, be they Samsung, Huawei or iPhone, have touch screens of high graphic quality. The screen itself contains a whole treasure trove of technology that could be very expensive to repair.

good protection. And the best protection is to combine shell and protective film. With these two, your phone will be perfectly protected.

tempered glass  hydrogel film, protective films are just as important as protective covers to keep your device intact for as long as possible and improve the hardness of the product.

Tempered glass or protective film, which protection to choose for your screen?

At Paprikase, we offer you the best, today, in the range of protective films.

Protect the screen 

tempered glass screen protector, or screen glass.


tempered glass 

anti-spy tempered glass

tempered glass with privacy filter. Thanks to this filter, no one who is not in front of the screen of your smartphone will be able to see what is there.

hydrogel protective film hydrogel film screen protection, you will never have fingerprints on your screen again.

All our protective films adapt perfectly to the wearing of cases, shockproof or lite case.

Opting for Paprikase means ensuring the best protection for your screen

screen protection 

Paprikase offers a complete range of protective screens for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy J, Samsung Galaxy M, Samsung Galaxy Z, Huawei P, Huawei Mate, Huawei Y, Huawei Nova, Xiaomi Redmi, Redmi Note, Xiaomi Mi, Mi Note, Xiaomi Poco, but also for Google Pixel, Honor, HTC or Motorola.

premium quality. All films are sold with a screen cleaning pack for a perfect installation.

at the best price.

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Delivery is offered all over the world from 30 EUR of purchases.