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What are the different types of phone and smartphone chargers?

There are three main styles (in stock at Paprikase) for phones: chargers with cable to connect to an mains, induction chargers, and finally batteries that you can use on a walk or in a car.

A charger with cable is the great classic. Generally the cable is with a usb tip and it connects to a small charging block to be connected to the mains to charge your smartphone (and all your devices) with ease. You can also use the cable alone by connecting it to the computer using the usb port. It's a type of immutable charger that we all have at home, but which sometimes is a little bulky. That said, when you are in the car, you can plug it into the cigarette lighter, it depends on the vehicle models (and it doesn't have to be lightning but usb).

Now let's talk about the very practical induction charger. To be able to use this type of wireless charger, your smartphone must already be compatible with induction! For Apple iPhones, compatibility starts from the iPhone 12. It's a kind of magnetic battery so you can stick your phone to anything that allows charging and is also magnetic. This charger is relatively universal since you can also use it with a Samsung Galaxy, or Xiaomi Android laptops if the ports are identical, not only with Apple iPhones. Other smartphones on the market are compatible, the list of refs is really long.

Then there is the battery. Very practical, it's a charger already ready to use that we 'fill in ' by plugging it in at home beforehand. Then you can use it away from an AC outlet to charge your mobile phone. In fact, the batteries are especially practical for long car trips, for example. No need to walk around with a whole mess for each device: it's universal! And if the battery is in the dock too, hop on plug on the cigarette lighter. There are different models depending on the desired voltage and mah.

On our online store Paprikase, we offer several types of each charger and quality. We can't wait for you to discover all our refs in our catalog. Each item is in stock in France and benefits from fast and free delivery. Get all the accessories you want for your iPhone, your Samsung Galaxy or other smartphone at a low price. Our offers can be combined.

What are the advantages of each type of charger?

The charger with cable and usb port, or to plug into the mains is a device that we know and therefore we're used to using it. Usually, it's reassuring. We like to use devices that we know in order to avoid any surprises.

The wireless charger is quite new but it's so practical that more than a few of us have adopted it. Finally it's like a battery, but better. It sticks to smartphones, it charges. You take off the mobile phone, it stops the charge! No more fighting with the thread that we tear off with a jerk because we're in a hurry... by damaging the connector (lightning or not) in passing.

As for the battery, there are simple models and others more technical. For example, there are some that turn on by themselves once connected to the smartphone, and others that we turn on ourselves by pressing the power button. You also have to think about having the right connector on you (if it's not usb) because the batteries often have a universal system and we quickly decided not to be equipped.

One day, we hope to be able to offer you a solar powered charger. Wouldn't that be really cool? The advantage of solar power is that there is no power consumption, it's downright compatible with a tight budget. We can't wait for it to develop for Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy in particular.

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