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Delivery is free from 30 EUR of purchases. So don't wait to see scratches appear on the screen of your Google Pixel, or to make it fall: take the lead and get a case, a case, a cover or whatever you like! We have everything, at Paprikase.

Why is it important to protect your Google Pixel smartphone?

Your Google Pixel phone, before you buy it, you've probably weighed the pros and cons. Indeed, it's a hell of a budget! Nowadays, having a mobile in this category is a real investment and we really don't want to see it shatter on the ground. In order to increase the duration of your Google Pixel, you absolutely need to equip it with a protective shell, whether the style is colored or transparent, and if possible to avoid scratches on the screen, a tempered glass screen protector. By buying from Paprikase, you have all this without ruining your wallet, on our products in stock.

A phone case adapted to your Google Pixel model

Given the number of models, we offer you an ultra convenient search mode on our store if you don't have a specific design in mind, and this via Google Pixel models that you can easily select :

The types of protective cases for Pixel phone that you can select on our shop Paprikase

To get an idea, here's what you can find on our shop: an integral waterproof case for Google Pixel for depths up to 2 meters, an artificial leather motorsport case for Google Pixel black and red, an anti-shock case with resistant ring support for Google Pixel or even a black artificial leather flip case with card holder for Google Pixel (convenient to do without the wallet!). We mainly have items in colors black, but we're planning others such as pink, red or the marble effect for example!

We would like to offer you a very extensive range and are currently working on this collection so that you can have the widest possible choice in terms of cases. We would like to offer you more in TPU (TPU is a very resistant and shockproof material), or in silicone which is soft to the touch (and just as shockproof).

Note however that we do not only offer cases and other phone cases! Indeed, you will be able to find on our shop other types of protection such as covers (mobile cover, tablet covers and earphone cover compatible with the induction charger and in several colors), wallet cases, designer cases with a cord made of shockproof TPU plastic or transparent silicone, clear cases of transparent color and compatible with magnetic charging, smart covers, hard covers available in black or red, an animal pattern or dark wood effect phone cover and even leather style (such as the wallet case), lite cases, a tripod type support, silicone or liquid silicone cases, and screen protectors whether a transparent tempered glass protection or transparent hydrogel film. Don't wait also to take a look at our smartphone accessories category which full of useful and fun nuggets (and in stock). We have put many of them in the descriptions of each product so that you can easily know if it is compatible with your mobile, or even if it is compatible universally. So you will also find other information such as style details, weight, thickness and whether the case is suitable for your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel or Z Flip.

Besides, we offer all these products for other brands such as Apple iPhone (from iPhone 6), Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Xiaomi, Redmi, Huawei, Z Flip, or Oppo. We offer you the best value for money on the market for each phone case and accessory, and delivery is fast and free from 30 EUR of purchases (yes yes, free)! Of course, we're announcing it to you, it can be combined with a discount via a promo code, or a live discount on the site and products in stock. Don't hesitate to contact our customer support if you have a question about your device: we are super responsive! Also remember to read the reviews of our customers in the "Reviews" section of the shop. You will not find better on Etsy! Our shipments are of French origin, our prices are unbeatable, delivery is free and our accessories are in stock (all this is compatible with a discount voucher as we told you). The confidentiality of your data is guaranteed.