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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Support téléphone magnétique Support Paprikase Noir  Support téléphone magnétique Support Paprikase Argent
Magnetic phone holder
Sale price13,90€
18 reviews
Support téléphone voiture bras ajustable Support Paprikase Gris  Support téléphone voiture bras ajustable Support Paprikase Rouge
Support voiture téléphone universel fixation pare-brise Support Paprikase Noir  Support voiture téléphone universel fixation pare-brise Support Paprikase
Support de téléphone magnétique pour voiture Support Paprikase Noir  Magnetic car phone holder
Magnetic car phone holder
Sale price16,90€
1 review
Save 57%
Support de téléphone télescopique pour voiture Support Paprikase Noir entre 5.2" et 9" Telescopic car phone holder
Telescopic car phone holder
Sale price9,90€ Regular price22,90€
No reviews
Support voiture grille d’aération pour le chargeur MagSafe Support Paprikase Noir  Car holder with ventilation grid for Magsafe charger
Save 50%
Support de téléphone pour rétroviseur Support Paprikase Noir inférieur ou égal à 6.5" Phone holder for rear view mirror
Phone holder for rear view mirror
Sale price8,90€ Regular price17,90€
No reviews

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Why buy a car holder for your smartphone?

Simply because it's convenient! And that it also avoids insecurity at the wheel. Although prohibited by the highway code, we can't count the number of times we grabbed our phone to take a look at the GPS map... well, it's over now! With a car holder for your phone, it will be well hung at eye level and you will no longer have to touch it at the risk of a catastrophic situation. A support of iPhone or Samsung Galaxy type phone, it's a small comfort and safety investment for your mobile phone on a daily basis to hang on the windshield, dashboard or air vent! Be careful, we still forget to write a text message for his safety.

At Paprikase, our goal is to offer you the best accessories at the best quality / price ratio on the web, regardless of your smartphone (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy...). You don't have to search for hours for what might be suitable, we've already done it for you, and we've also tested each of our items so that they are as resistant as possible. We are committed to freeing you from this burden and all the everyday glitches related to your phone. Browse our wide collection of premium products now!

In terms of smartphone holder for car, we currently offer three supports for various installations :

- the magnetic phone holder, small, discreet but robust! Ideal for classic iPhone or Galaxy models that easily clings to the car's air vent.

- the black adjustable arm car phone holder, extremely resistant even in rotation, large and very practical. Perfect for iPhone Max models or Galaxy Ultra models. It's equipped with a suction cup and will hang better on the dashboard or windshield than on the air vent.

- the universal car phone holder windshield fixing whose design is clearly one of the classics of its category. It can also be used on the dashboard and is compatible with iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Notes etc, including the largest in their range! He can't hold on to the air vent.

Don't know which one to turn to? Take into account several factors: already the size of your vehicle. If you're driving in an SUV, opt instead for a support with an adjustable arm that will still be more practical given the space. If you have a small compact, then go instead to the magnetic holder which will only take up the necessary space and which you can easily attach without obstructing the view. In any case, our supports are universal and adapt to any smartphone. Just check the attachment that suits you best: ventilation grilles? Suction cup on the dashboard or on the windshield? Make your choice!

Don't wait any longer to discover our various products acclaimed by our customers as evidenced by their reviews on our website. All our accessories benefit from a very low and accessible price, compatible with an ongoing promotional offer. We also invite you to proceed with writing your testimonial once the order has been received.

On our shop, we offer you several other types of supports namely: the bike racks, they motorcycle mounts, they supports for office (convenient for watching series and compatible with the induction charger) and even phone tripods !

Of course, you can opt for several phone holders, one for each use. And if you have any doubts, need help or advice on which one to adopt, don't hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to refer you! This one is available from Monday to Friday and we offer a 24-hour response guarantee!

Can a car mount be used with any smartphone?

Absolutely! All our supports are universal and all smartphones (therefore compatible with iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei Mate...). It may be that in the near future, our catalog will expand and some will be targeted for specific phones, but if this were the case, of course you would have all the information in the description of the item. As we told you earlier, if you need help or advice, don't hesitate to take contact with our customer service! We are here to support you in choosing your smartphone accessories.

Also, each holder is compatible with a smartphone that has a thick shell or not. Some exclusions may apply for patterned and military-type shells because they are really imposing and potentially too heavy for a simple air vent support, but you will find all the dimensions in the descriptions of our products.

Do you have a tablet such as an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and you also want a support for it? No worries! We offer you in particular the adjustable metal and non-slip support or the Aluminum Support for phone and tablet (yes, this one is even a two in one!).

Do you have one last little doubt about your selection? In this case, consult the opinions of our customers following their purchase on our site. All testimonials are verified and posted only by our customers who have also benefited from fast delivery, and especially free of charge from 30 EUR of purchases on items in stock!

Would you like to complete your basket by making a small gift to a loved one? Perfect! Discover our premium accessories, integral case, trendy lite case, for all brands such as Apple iPhone (any Apple iPhone smartphone), Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy (including Ultra and Galaxy Note), Honor, Oppo, Honor, Huawei, Xperia, Lumia, Redmi etc. We offer a product for each type of smartphones also called phones, as well as for motorcycles. Don't wait to offer quality at a lower cost (and yes, it's better than on Amazon thanks to our free shipping)!

We offer you several of our best products in stock, of which here is a non-exhaustive list: universal car phone holder compatible with the induction charger, pink or flower-patterned shell, car holder to be attached to the ventilation or air vent grille thanks to a retractable and rotating clamp, or even black car holder for mobile phone that clings to the dashboard or windshield thanks to a suction cup (perfect rotating visual on the GPS), magnetic holder etc.

At Paprikase, we are convinced that everything related to our phone or tablet, must be practical in addition to offering optimal protection! This is obviously the case for our car phone holders which have been designed and selected according to these criteria. Don't wait any longer to get these quality and trendy products at the best price, and benefit from fast and free delivery from € 30 of purchases.