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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
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Support de téléphone bureau avec fixation pour chargeur MagSafe Support Paprikase Argent  Support de téléphone bureau avec fixation pour chargeur MagSafe Support Paprikase
Desktop phone holder with Magsafe charger attachment
Sale price£10.90 Regular price£26.90
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Support de téléphone magnétique MagSafe sur ordinateur portable/écran pour iPhone Support Paprikase Argent  Support de téléphone magnétique MagSafe sur ordinateur portable/écran pour iPhone Support Paprikase
Support en aluminium pour téléphone et tablette Support Paprikase   Support en aluminium pour téléphone et tablette Support Paprikase Argent
Save 60%
Support bras flexible pour téléphone Support Paprikase Noir 90 cm Support bras flexible pour téléphone Support Paprikase Blanc 90 cm
Flexible arm support for phone
Sale priceFrom £7.90 Regular price£19.90
33 reviews
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Support téléphone en bois Support Paprikase   Support téléphone en bois Support Paprikase Beige
Wooden phone holder
Sale price£16.90
17 reviews
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The advantages of opting for a universal desktop phone holder

There are many of them! But let's already talk about the practicality of using a desktop phone holder. It's now over the time when you were looking for your phone everywhere, lost under a pile of folders, sheets or we don't quite know what. You just have to put your phone on its holder, and there it is, visible at a glance whether you have a phone from the Samsung Galaxy smartphone range, Apple iPhone phones, Xperia phones or even a Huawei or Sony mobile phone.

Then, a smartphone holder also allows you to have it slightly raised. Which means that your screen is always within reach of your gaze. Very practical so as not to be totally distracted: you can read your notifications with a quick glance without having to stop working. Because we know, once we're on the cell phone, it's hard to get back on it!

Do all smartphone models fit the desktop stand?

Yes absolutely! Each model of this product is universal and compatible with any phone on the market such as Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone. Some are even compatible with a tablet such as a Samsung Galaxy Tab or an Apple iPad! The small station type phone holder is literally the essential and multi-function accessory that you won't be able to do without.

What's more, on our online store Paprikase, each type of support (including the foldable support or the bamboo one) is offered at the best quality / price ratio on the market for your device. You will not find cheaper elsewhere, because the best at the best price, it is with us! Our company and our stock are in France: we are therefore very proud to be able to offer you a fast delivery to your home, but above all free from 30 EUR of purchases. The packages are unmarked to avoid theft. If you have arrived on our store via an advertisement and you need advice, do not hesitate to contact our customer support who will be happy to inform you about each station / support that our store offers, and to give you the keys to a successful gift for your loved ones and their smartphone!

H2 - What types of desktop phone holders will you find on our shop Paprikase ?

You will find all types of phone and smartphone holders! Our collection of accessories is constantly growing thanks to the trust of our customers, and this is how we can offer you many new products, such as smartphone holder, regularly in our shop.

We really also wanted to offer you products that are useful for all smartphones and phones. Each accessory is universal and compatible with all smartphones (or even with a tablet from the iPad to the Samsung Galaxy Tab).

Below we present to you some of our phone holders that you can get with free shipping :

First of all, discover the Flexible arm Support for phone. It is available in black, white and even in a mix of both: black and white at the same time. Of course, it has other colors that you will find on the product sheet. This holder is very easily installed on a desk thanks to its clamp that you just have to tighten. Its adjustable and flexible arm allows you to place your mobile phone in the position you want.

Then, we offer you the Aluminum Holder for phone and tablet to put on your desk. The material that is aluminum is very well made, but above all it is very design. Qualitative, it even serves as a decorative object on your desk and for your laptop which is thus highlighted! It's a kind of very practical station to always have your phone in sight without a fixing system: it simply rests on the desk.

In another style, we have the wooden phone holder. If you like very nature-oriented decorations and green plants, this wooden stand will surely please you on your desk. Its material also gives it great robustness. If you knock him down, it's okay, he'll still be on his feet! Be careful with your smartphone anyway. We also offer another wooden accessory that you will soon discover.

Finally, we cannot ignore the famous all-terrain tripod also named flexible tripod phone holder. It can be placed very easily on a flat surface such as a desk thanks to its articulated arms (each is adjustable and foldable) which allow you to be very flexible. The fixation is perfect. But that's not all: he also accompanies you on your adventures for breathtaking videos.

If you're looking for other accessories, here's what we can offer you: a usb charger, a case for your tablet, usb cables but also usb to lightning of adjustable length, phone holder for the car, accessory for wireless headphones such as a storage cover, induction charger (make sure that your smartphone is compatible with induction charging), wireless charger for mobile (convenient in the car), multi function support, stand holder with arm for GPS in the car, aluminum phone stand, mobile phone cases in all possible colors such as black, white etc.

We also have all our accessories for all models of smartphones and phones: Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Sony, Huawei... and even for tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad tablet, Huawei MatePad etc.

Are you looking for a particular product? Don't hesitate to use the small search magnifying glass! Fill your shopping cart, delivery is free. An offer not to be missed!

On our online store Paprikase, we are committed to offering you only the best of existing accessories. We really want you to have access to everything at a low price without compromising on premium quality for your mobile phone. Take advantage of a welcome offer sent via our newsletter: it's totally compatible with fast and free delivery, as well as our products at unbeatable prices as you've surely seen on our advertising. We offer you let's talk about the newsletter earlier: we therefore invite you to register for free in order to benefit from the welcome offer! Ready to protect and decorate your mobile?