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Support bras flexible pour téléphone Support Paprikase Noir 90 cm Support bras flexible pour téléphone Support Paprikase Blanc 90 cm
Flexible arm support for phone
Sale priceFrom 8,90€ Regular price21,90€
33 reviews
Support téléphone magnétique Support Paprikase Noir  Support téléphone magnétique Support Paprikase Argent
Magnetic phone holder
Sale price13,90€
18 reviews
Support téléphone en bois Support Paprikase   Support téléphone en bois Support Paprikase Beige
Wooden phone holder
Sale price19,90€
17 reviews

What are the characteristics of phone holders?

The smartphone holders have a optimal fixation, whether you want to hang a laptop, or a tablet because it is also compatible.

This attachment can be suction cup for the car, for example, or magnetic for the fast charger of the smartphone on your desk. You will be able to find in the available descriptions on our shop, a summary table of all their properties and their price.

We offer you several types of supports for your smartphone which each have their characteristics.

The phone holder for desktop, is often foldable and adjustable to adapt exactly to your environment. Not to mention a perfect ventilation to avoid overheating during long working hours. It can also be made of wood for aesthetics.

The car phone holder is compatible with several smartphone models, iPhone or Samsung for example and can be attached to the windshield or to the air vent!

The mobile holder for motorcycle noir has a clip system for a secure attachment of the mobile phone of the annoying wireless type.

They bicycle phone holders are accessories that we no longer present. They adapt to all smartphones and to each edge of your mobile in an optimal way. They don't have a thread to avoid tangling their legs.

As for the tripod for phone, it allows you to shoot thanks to its arms with a super angle and is 100% adjustable. With a very modern design, it adapts to any type of case.

You probably already know all these models. They are so popular that you have surely already seen them in a commercial.

Re-discover them on the shop Paprikase, in stock and at the best quality / price ratio for iPhone and Samsung laptops, but not that. There delivery is free and fast, and the reviews are super starred!

What are the advantages of opting for a support to hold your phone?

There fastening surely is the number 1 argument. Before, we'd sort it out: we'd put our smartphone in a corner of the office and then it would fall off. Ditto in the car, we put it in a corner and then it's impossible to use the GPS without compromising the safety of driving. Let's not even talk about the case of the motorcycle! From now on, with a also powerful fixation, whether suction cup or magnetic for the fast charger, all smartphones (and you) are safe!

If you like video, then a tripod is clearly an advantage with its super practical arms to move the laptop or other camera, and even your iPad. The tripod is foldable and adjustable for perfect comfort and an optimal viewing angle. Important note, it even fits easily in the glove compartment of the car.

In your car, and for your safety, it's better not to fiddle with your phone. But when we haveneed the gps it's complicated! So a black mobile phone holder (iPhone or other) that you can place at a good level on the windshield or at the edge of the car's air vent, allows you to keep your eyes on the road. Their rotation system allows you not to have to turn your head in all directions as well, position it as you want!

Ditto if you are at bike or motorcycle, the gps on a smartphone hooked to a clamp always remains within sight simply by hanging it securely on the handlebars of the bike or on the body of the motorcycle.

But the most frequent use remains the one that we have already mentioned : office! A phone well fixed and well placed on a wooden support with a suction cup or a support of another resistant but magnetic material is always appreciable.

If the holder is magnetic, then it can also serve as a charger for your mobile compatible with the induction charger like Magsafe for iPhones for example.

Another advantage in our shop : its unit price of course. Discover all the details in the summary table of each product. We offer accessories for iPhone, Huawei and several other brands, as well as for tablets such as iPads or Galaxy Tab.

The delivery is fast, and above all it is free from € 30 of purchases on all our models in stock.

What are the models of phones that can be placed on a stand?

You can use a stand with any what models of smartphones or other device and phone. We offer you iPhone or Samsung. However, of course we have a universal support to offer you for smartphone and tablet (for children in the car for example).

We invite you to watch the most starred reviews one than the other. Customer Paprikase and their mobile phones are pampered thanks to the best quality / price ratio on the market. Not to mention that the shipping is free.

Another advantage is that our products are not logoed, so that you don't look like an advertising sign even on your desk or in the car.

Remember to also consult our other accessory such as sports and protective armbands for your phone, or even waterproof cases for smartphones to complete your collection! In addition, we also offer you basic but essential products such as usb cables for example.