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What are the characteristics of waterproof cases for your phone?

A housing or waterproof phone case is above all completely hermetic. It completely encompasses your mobile phone and gives it optimal protection against water. It will therefore be your best ally during yourdiving sessions whatever the depth or any other aquatic activity, and whatever the depth!

A waterproof housing differs from a cover, a pouch, a case or a classic smartphone case, in short from other accessories, thanks to its box design. This is a reliable product that puts your phone in water safety, and will we even push the description by saying that it will be safe against the slightest droplet of water!

Because yes, a waterproof shellalso allows the use of your phone with your feet on dry land in a heavy rain. If you have a job that requires working outdoors, this is definitely the solution!

Do not hesitate any longer and order on our Paprikase online store, one of our waterproof enclosures for your mobile phone available in the category of the same name! Each product at the best quality / price ratio is compatible with any mobile and the delivery is fast and free from 30 € of purchases.

What are the advantages of opting for a waterproof case?

The advantages are numerous and we have already mentioned them well above. But let's still note that a waterproof case or case allows you to keep your mobile safe safety against water infiltrationin this one.

It is therefore ideal or even recommended if you are doing dive for example. In addition, it does not affect the use of the touch screen or the quality of the photos (even if you take a panoramic photo). It also does not reduce the life of the batteries.

You can easily keep your photo filter or a lens, make a video, use the navigation apps ... in short, your smartphone remains 100% compatible whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung or even a Huawei.

The opinions are unanimous, test a waterproof case, or even several waterproof boxes, these are the best! And this type of case does not necessarily take up more space, so your device fits as easily in your bag as before.

It should be noted that this type of case is not available with card holders, but between us, by the way, we can hardly afford a mcdonald's in the middle of a dive…

IPX level, we offer you our Colorful full-body waterproof iPhone case up to 2 meters deep which has one of 68. It guarantees total impermeability under water or rain! Do not hesitate to read the reviews of those who have already used it with different phones.

You will also find a detailed description with the size, information about the video or the ipx.

What are the phone models that can be protected with a waterproof case?

All devices! Every smartphone is optimally compatiblee. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy, an apple iPhone or even a Huawei, and regardless of the category and size of the device, or the devices and their batteries. Your smartphone is safe!

You will be able to take a beautiful photo during your dive, use your usual lens or filter, use navigation and more. All under the water!

At Paprikase, we offer you waterproof accessories optimal protection for all phones. You will be able to find several waterproof cases whether for a dive at a depth of 2 meters, or even at 3 meters, even going up to 15 meters deep!

We also offer accessories for your touch screen or a support for everyday life (the kind of support to put the phone down and watch Netflix quietly). You will also be able to discover other accessories as a pouch, a protective cover or even a case with integrated card holder. But also of phone holders, or of sports armbands.

At Paprikase, we therefore offer you accessories at the best quality / price ratio and with fast and free delivery from € 30 of purchases.