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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Colorful USB to Lightning braided nylon cable 0.2 m/1 m/2 m/3 mColorful USB to Lightning braided nylon cable 0.2 m/1 m/2 m/3 m
Colorful USB to Lightning braided nylon cable 0.2 m/1 m/2 m/3 m
Sale priceFrom 7,90€
199 reviews
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cable pour iphone blanccable pour iphone solide
White USB to Lightning cable
Sale priceFrom 9,90€
15 reviews
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USB to Lightning cableUSB to Lightning cable
USB to Lightning cable
Sale price11,90€
10 reviews
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Set of 6 cable protectorsSet of 6 cable protectors
Set of 6 cable protectors
Sale price6,90€
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How to choose the right phone charger cable?

white cable 

USB to Lightning cables  secure loading 

charger cables  wire length 

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resistance  braided nylon phone cable. Thanks to its material, the braided nylon cable does not get tangled, does not heat up and does not break. Available in several sizes, from 20 centimeters to 3 meters, and several colors, it is your perfect ally for charging your devices, iPhone or iPad.

original white USB to Lightning cable Paprikase shop  fast loading 

more original  luminous USB to Lightning charging cable, compatible with fast charging thanks to the USB 3.1A standard. Its luminous stream guarantees you a classy recharge, it will light up as soon as the charger cable is plugged into an outlet, external battery, or computer USB port.

3-in-1 USB cable. With its USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning tips, you will be able to charge several devices at the same time or simply use it for you devices that require USB-C or Micro-USB charging. It is available in black, blue or red and has a length of 1.2 meters.

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How to properly charge your device using phone cable?

Charging your phone  advice.

Maintain a load between 20% and 80%

critical warm-up  charging cable 

Promote punctual use of fast charging

charging cablest  hates the heat. So stay unavailable while your device is charging.

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pep color, or even soft to match your bag or clothes.