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Why buy a smartphone tripod?

A tripod is simply a super practical product! It can be designed in different sizes and different materials depending on what it is intended for, but it will always have to be of impeccable quality. A smartphone tripod allows you to go on an adventure to create photo or video content with just your mobile. So you can create great videos for example with professional rendering, and not give this effect "filmed with the phone in hand". You will also have wonderful photos taken at height with the remote control. We advise you to opt for a TPU plastic or metal tripod, or even a combination of both.

Paprikase, our daily goal is to offer you only high-quality products. We're committed to taking the burden out of your head that is to search for hours and hours for the best accessories on the web. They are all in our house! Discover them all directly on our online store and in stock. We offer them at the best quality / price ratio guaranteed.

At the moment, we only have one tripod in our collection. We are a very recent company based in France, and we are in full development. But thanks to the orders of our hundreds of customers, we're now able to expand our range every week! You will be notified of all our news via the newsletter (and you can also benefit from a discount promo offer).

As we told you, we currently offer only one tripod among our accessories. But be careful, it's not just any tripod: it's the one you need for photography and video! Indeed, it's the all-terrain tripod: flexible tripod phone holder. Designed in "octopus tripod" mode, it is no longer necessary to have a flat surface to make a stable photo or video. This accessory is good sufficient and does not require a remote control.

This tripod is designed both in metal for the part holding the smartphone (very resistant and leaving the field free to the camera for the photo), and in TPU plastic for the feet so that they are easily adjustable. You can hang the tripod anywhere without any problem thanks to its perfect attachment and its clamp system! Not to mention its anti-slip system which means that no accident is possible. Say goodbye to the blurred photo that is difficult to select or to poorly framed videos: once the support is firmly in place, lock it thanks to its unique system and leave room for your creativity!

The metal and the TPU plastic are excellent materials making this object an extremely qualitative accessory and which does not make its weight. We offer it to you at the best price on the web! There's no need to ruin yourself with a gorillapod or a manfrotto that are made for the same use. It's also much better than a stability-level selfie stick.

Don't wait any longer to browse all our premium product collections at an unbeatable price: delivery is free from 30 EUR of purchases.

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Can we use a tripod with any phone?

Yes absolutely. A tripod is universal. Precisely it must be compatible with any smartphone, otherwise what's the point! Regardless of your smartphone model, you should be able to use this quality and ultra practical article to go on an adventure of creating photo or video content. Even take a height and immortalize the view! The metal base to hold your smartphone is precisely made in such a way that you can easily adapt to any device, and regardless of its size (whether you have a normal iPhone or a Galaxy Ultra for example). Of course, if you have a question, we encourage you to contact our customer service so that they can give you all the information you need. Returns are possible within 14 days.


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Paprikase, our line of conduct is to always offer you qualitative accessories at the best possible price! We therefore offer you a wide range of proven products that our customers are satisfied with at an unbeatable price. Benefit today from fast and free delivery, and receive your new off-road accessories like a flexible and practical tripod to make beautiful videos in all circumstances (and in complete safety!) without breaking the kneecap. The best prices are with us.