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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 products
Support téléphone sacoche 100% waterproof vélo et moto Support Paprikase Noir  Support téléphone sacoche 100% waterproof vélo et moto Support Paprikase
Support vélo pour téléphone Support Paprikase Noir  Support vélo pour téléphone Support Paprikase
Bike phone holder
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Why buy a bike holder product for your smartphone?

There are several reasons for this, but the most obvious is clearly practicality! On your bike or mountain bike, in the middle of a sports session or on a family ride, it's complicated to manage the handlebars with one hand and the phone with the other... That's why a bike mount is perfect! It allows you to keep an eye on the GPS (so as not to get lost) or even your sports statistics. The bike mount easily attaches to the handlebar of this one and makes you hands free. Impeccable!

At Paprikase, we work hard to offer you only the best articles on the web for smartphones, whether for iPhone or for other brands such as Samsung Galaxy. We are also committed to ensuring that all our items are accessible to as many people as possible, because having premium and quality accessories does not have to be reserved for an elite. Discover our large catalog validated by our customers via their reviews and which is growing every month of products in stock to build up your collection of models right now!

As for the bike holder, we're offering two currently (and more later), one of which is even double-use! Let's introduce them :

- the silicone Bike phone holder is a great classic! Easy to use, it's practical and safe. No less resistant, it is equipped with an anti-vibration technology to hold on to the handlebars well without swinging in all directions, and therefore a good fixation. And most importantly, it is shock-resistant. On a bike or mountain bike, we are finally never safe from a small fall, and we would still like our iPhone or Samsung Galaxy in its holder not to take not a blow too. However, remember to pair this support with a resistant or even waterproof shell available in our shop. Prevention is better than cure!

This bike holder is compatible with all iPhones. We advise you to consult its dimensions because it is also universal and suitable for a large majority of smartphones on the market!

- the 100% waterproof black bike and motorcycle phone bag holder is the famous two-in-one holder. It clings very easily to the handlebars of the bike but also of your motorcycle! First of all, one important thing to note is that it's multifunction. In addition to adapting to several two wheels, it also has three slots that allow you to store cards for example. Practical right? Its assembly is extremely easy and fast, and above all it allows a 360 ° rotation in order to position it properly on your bike.

The best part is here: this holder is waterproof as the name suggests! There's no need to arm yourself with a waterproof case, you can leave the one you use every day by simply sliding your smartphone into the bag-shaped holder. So you're ready for walks that don't matter the sometimes changing weather and the rain, your touch screen is protected!

Do not waste time and go to discover all our supports or other accessories in stock at the best price on the web.

We also offer you other types of supports compatible with iPhone (or other phones of different size): the motorcycle mounts, they car mounts, they supports for office (great watching series) and even phone tripods !

It's time to start your collection and equip yourself with supports for all uses. Since the smartphone is an integral part of our lives now, they need a place of choice but above all quality accessories at affordable prices. Don't hesitate to contact our customer service if you need help with your purchases! We ship quickly, and the delivery is free (always mini prices).

Can we use a bike mount with any smartphone?

Absolutely! Our brackets hang on the handlebars of the bike, and everything is thought out so that they hold well in place with your iPhone. The goal is to offer you only accessories of proven quality. Depending on the support you choose, you can simply keep your usual case on your smartphone (example with the waterproof bag support), otherwise you can opt for an integral or even waterproof case to guarantee maximum security of your phone during your walks or sports sessions. As we told you, contact our customer support to get help with your choices, it's available 5 days out of 7 and guarantees a response in 24 hours.

Do you need to be reassured about the quality of our accessories? Hundreds of people before you have trusted us and shared their opinion on our site. Don't hesitate to read their starred feedbacks and even very well starred reviews, and why not, share yours too!

Do you have a gift to make? Or simply several devices to be protected from several different brands and models? We have what you need: full-body case, portable magnetic pouch, protective cover for satchel-type tablets (regardless of the inches and whether it's an iPad or a Huawei MatePad), lite case in black, waterproof case for iPhone phone and smartphone (product also compatible for Samsung Galaxy Ultra or Note), bike, motorcycle and mountain bike holder for the use of GPS on the console even in the rain and regardless of the size of smartphones, universal support with magnetic attachment, protective kit for touch screen... And of course, we have a choice of brands: Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Samsung Galaxy (as well as Ultra), Redmi etc. Don't wait to please (or please yourself) at a lower cost. In addition, delivery is free from 30 EUR of purchases!

Getting a phone holder for your bike shouldn't be complicated, long or a real headache! At Paprikase, we have selected for you the best products to practice your sport with complete serenity. By ordering in our shop, you benefit from the best quality / price ratio on the market (including comparing with Amazon), and as a bonus, the delivery is fast! Order today, and hop it's delivered. You can get on your bike with your smartphone!