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Support téléphone sacoche 100% waterproof vélo et moto Support Paprikase Noir  Support téléphone sacoche 100% waterproof vélo et moto Support Paprikase

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Why buy a motorcycle / quad bike holder for your smartphone?

Well, the reason is very simple for a biker: it's practical! How to use the GPS of your smartphone (iPhone or Galaxy) when you're on a motorcycle or quad bike? Impossible, unless you get one hand out of the way, and clearly using the phone is already dangerous in a car, so it's even worse on a two-wheeler on the road. Otherwise, the alternative is to be sure of your route... and that's not always the case. Use a suitable support for the motorcycle and the quad is therefore all indicated! You can hang it very easily on the handlebars and keep an eye on it whenever you want, without breaking the safety rules, while continuing to peer in front of you and the rearview mirror. Perfect!

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As for the smartphone holder for motorcycles and quad bikes, we offer you one that has a multi-purpose system (and not just for the iPhone).

Discover now the 100% waterproof bike and motorcycle bag phone holder which has an easy attachment to the handlebars! The best thing about all this is that it's waterproof. Of course, this was an indispensable condition. What to do when a downpour hits the tip of your nose and you're on the road? Well, the answer is: keep riding without worrying. You always have a visual on your screen and what's more, your smartphone is 100% protected.

This holder is compatible even if your smartphone is equipped with a case. Indeed, the holder is not intended to protect against shocks, so it was necessary that it could accommodate your phone and its case.

Let's recap, this phone holder for motorcycle and quad is multifunction! It looks like a saddlebag and easily clings to the handlebars of the bike, motorcycle and quad. It also has three slots to store cards or whatever you want. It is waterproof, a sine qua non condition for a quality product and useful in all circumstances. Finally, its assembly is easy and allows a 360 ° rotation. In short, it is at the top of the premium accessories that we offer you.

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By the way, we offer you other styles of supports: the bike racks, they car mounts, they supports for office (great watching series) and even phone tripods !

You can thus create a real collection of smartphone holders, each having its own use in your daily life, or even have a case for each day of the week (both are compatible). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to guide you in your choices!

Can we use a motorcycle/quad bike mount with any smartphone?

Absolutely! Our handlebar mounts, whatever they are, are universal and therefore you can use them with any smartphone. If there are exclusions, these will be specified but this may be the case with a military hull, or a hull for diving for example which are particularly heavy and bulky to withstand any shock. But as we mentioned earlier, don't hesitate to contact our support customer if you have any questions. It is available from Monday to Friday and guarantees a response within 24 working hours. We will not let you down in choosing your quality accessories for your smartphone!

Also know that our universal handlebar mount for motorcycle and quad is therefore also compatible with a scooter for example! We hadn't specified it, but of course it is.

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