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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Support voiture grille d’aération pour le chargeur MagSafe Support Paprikase Noir  Car holder with ventilation grid for Magsafe charger
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Support de téléphone pour rétroviseur Support Paprikase Noir inférieur ou égal à 6.5" Phone holder for rear view mirror
Phone holder for rear view mirror
Sale price8,90€ Regular price17,90€
No reviews
Save 57%
Support de téléphone télescopique pour voiture Support Paprikase Noir entre 5.2" et 9" Telescopic car phone holder
Telescopic car phone holder
Sale price9,90€ Regular price22,90€
No reviews
Save 59%
Support bras flexible pour téléphone Support Paprikase Noir 90 cm Support bras flexible pour téléphone Support Paprikase Blanc 90 cm
Flexible arm support for phone
Sale priceFrom 8,90€ Regular price21,90€
33 reviews
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Support téléphone sacoche 100% waterproof vélo et moto Support Paprikase Noir  Support téléphone sacoche 100% waterproof vélo et moto Support Paprikase
Support voiture téléphone universel fixation pare-brise Support Paprikase Noir  Support voiture téléphone universel fixation pare-brise Support Paprikase

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Why buy a plastic phone holder?

Plastic is an extremely resistant material. It allows you to design quality products that last over time and that matter the uses you make of them. TPU plastic is foolproof, it's also the material used for our full-body military protection shell, that's saying!

Within the Paprikase, we work every day to find you the best items on the market, and especially at the best price. If everyone has a smartphone, then everyone should be able to afford accessories adapted as much to everyday activities as to different needs. We want to offer you a rich catalog and at an excellent quality / price ratio (even better than on Amazon)! Quickly discover all our articles.

In our category of plastic supports, we currently offer you four models. We are expanding our catalog every week with new and always more qualitative articles, so don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of new products at low prices.

First of all, the flexible arm holder for mobile phone. Long and articulated, it will allow you to watch your series quietly from anywhere, including from your bed. It attaches very easily to any ledge thanks to its very resistant plastic material, which is very annoying to avoid having the phone fall on our face!

We also have a mobile phone holder 100% waterproof bike and motorcycle bag very versatile. The plastic was specifically chosen for this article because it was essential that it be extremely resistant given its use.

We also offer two other supports for the car namely the mobile phone holder car adjustable arm to hang on the dashboard, as well as the universal car phone holder windshield fixing. Once again, these are two articles where the plastic material is all indicated to produce quality and very resistant supports.

Quickly discover our entire collection of supports on our online store, and for all smartphones at the best price!

We have other manufacturing materials available for this type of products. Discover our wooden phone holders for office, our metal brackets the anti-slip system and of course our flexible silicone mobile phone holders.

Thanks to our shop, you can now start your own collection of smartphone holders to cover all the moments of your daily life. Take advantage of our promotional offers to reduce the price but also of the fast and free delivery from 30 EUR of purchases. Our warehouse is in France.

Can a plastic holder be used with any smartphone?

Yes, of course. It's even completely indicated because the plastic material makes it possible to create very resistant accessories, which is important when it comes to use with a smartphone. The plastic can be rigid as well as flexible and allows both to have supports that do not move as on a bicycle handlebar, or a flexible arm to be able to have the location of his smartphone where it suits us. You have questions, you have need help choosing your support? We encourage you to contact our customer service available 5 days out of 7, he will answer you within 24 hours with adequate help and the right information.

We also invite you to consult the customer reviews on our shop of articles and parts for mobile phones at the best price! These are exclusively verified reviews from our hundreds of satisfied customers since our creation. We're also looking forward to reading your testimonial and feedback.

Do you have other needs in terms of accessories and products for your smartphone or even your tablet? We have a whole list of them: silicone or reinforced TPU plastic case, magnetic case, waterproof case, adjustable protective cover for tablets of any size, charger, multi-ref foldable usb cable, work computer bag, photo tripod, sports case, case with storage for a card, charger... but not yet from umbrella! And of course, this for several brands: Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung Galaxy (as well as Ultra) etc. Order immediately to be delivered within a week!

Do you need a larger minimum quantity and for it to be customized? Do you want an advertising product such as an object with a logo? Do you need a shell adapted to a hat, jewelry, accessory, or a shell resistant to slip like a pen in a safety garment such as a t-shirt, pants or any textile? Contact us (click on the button at the bottom of the site page) to find solutions, get a quote with marking details, and other payment solutions. We're just waiting for your confirmation.

At Paprikase, we are committed to offering you only quality items and at the best price. Discover our entire range of plastic smartphone holders: resistant material but which adapts very easily to all uses, you can use your holder on a bike, motorcycle, car or at home. Benefit today from the best value for money available on items in stock and on sale, as well as fast and free delivery!