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Why buy a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S?

The;a phone's screen including Samsung Galaxy is a really sensitive place, limit "at risk"! You may have already dropped your smartphone, and with a little luck, you have avoided the disaster: cracked screen or with chips, scratches, or even the black screen in the worst case. No matter what model you have, you absolutely need to ensure optimal protection for your screen.

At Paprikase, our priority is precisely to carefully select quality products with optimal protection! The goal is to take away all these little glitches from everyday life. Do not look any more on all the sites for adapted protections, we offer them to you on our shop. Only care about the design and practicality according to your needs.

We offer two types of screen protectors (whether you have a Samsung Galaxy model or even an iPhone or other) and they are compatible with a case: film protectors hydrogel and those in tempered glass (with a black edge or not).

How to choose your screen protector? Everything will ultimately depend on your hooked atoms in the matter. Both types of protections are perfect for any smartphone, on the other hand to the touch it is not ultra the same. With a tempered glass, it's the same feeling as your screen without anything, transparent, like a glass type surface. While for a movie hydrogel, we will rather be on a soft and "fluffy " feeling. You can use your phone with one as with the other completely normally.

Discover without further ado the Screen protector tempered glass with edges in black Samsung Galaxy S or in more classic, our Samsung Galaxy S hydrogel film screen protector. Also available for Galaxy Note and A! We offer you the best quality / price ratio on the market, the whole point being not to break the bank and that the protection of a smartphone is accessible to everyone.

All our products are accompanied by a manual to help you install the protections without blowing bubbles!

Do you want a complete, protective and resistant product package? Then the Samsung Galaxy S Pack with Transparent anti-shock shell and Hydrogel film screen protection is made for you! Shipping is free from 30 EUR of purchases for a protected phone.

These protections are compatible with all our cases with the possible exception of military and waterproof cases (because they already have a screen protection included).You will be able to find tempered glass protections in stock or hydrogel film for Samsung Galaxy A and protective films for Samsung Galaxy Note (including for Ultras).

Can we use a screen protector for all Samsung Galaxy S variants?

Yes! In our shop, we make sure that all our products in stock fit perfectly to your Galaxy S model (ultra etc) and its curved glass screen or not. Remember to check yours in your settings in order to validate the correct item on our site and that everything is compatible because depending on the years of production, it is possible that the designs change. You can find all our models for tempered glasses and hydrogel films in the filters on the left side of the screen if you're on a computer.

Whatever happens, we're always at your disposal. Our customer service is there for you 5 days out of 7 and responds to you within 24 working hours. Do you like to read the testimonials of customers who have ordered before you for their mobile? Take the time to read their reviews in each product description that has been protected by them!

You want to enhance your collection with other accessories ultra protective? We also offer them for all smartphones even with a curved screen: Huawei, Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Honor, Edge, Oppo, Xperia...

Discover our hull reinforced TPU or silicone plastic, cases, covers, light case or "lite case", usb cables or lightning charger cables, headsets, bluetooth wireless earphone cases (such as airpods) or induction chargers on our site. We also offer a whole collection of parts for tablets such as the samsung Galaxy Tab or the Apple iPad(because yes, their screen is just as sensitive and precious). Soon, accessories for connected watches such as the Apple Watch will also be available.

You don't want to damage the splendid screen of your phone Samsung Galaxy S ? So don't ignore its protection with an item specially created for this. Order and receive now a hydrogel screen protection or in tempered glass on our Paprikase shop at the best price. And the icing on the cake: delivery is fast and free from 30 EUR! Your purchase is shipped before you have had time to say phew. Paprikase, this is the right plan!