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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Protection d'écran incurvée verre trempé avec bords noirs Samsung Galaxy Note Protection d'écran Galaxy Note Paprikase Galaxy Note9  Protection d'écran incurvée verre trempé avec bords noirs Samsung Galaxy Note Protection d'écran Galaxy Note Paprikase
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Pack Samsung Galaxy Note avec Coque transparente anti-chocs et Protection d'écran en hydrogel Pack Galaxy Note Paprikase Galaxy Note8  Pack Samsung Galaxy Note avec Coque transparente anti-chocs et Protection d'écran en hydrogel Pack Galaxy Note Paprikase

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Why buy a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy Note?

The;a phone's screen,and the screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note, is a very sensitive area and can easily break! You may have already happened to accidentally drop your smartphone, and find yourself with a broken screen, with chips, traces that do not leave or scratches. And that's finally in the best case scenario! Because sometimes, we find ourselves squarely with a black screen. No matter your phone, you need optimal protection for its screen!

At Paprikase, our daily goal and therefore our concept is to find you the best accessories and the most optimal protections on the market ! All while making them financially accessible because protecting your phone should not be a luxury. You will find on our shop everything you need to ensure the survival of your smartphone whatever adventures you live on a daily basis!

We currently have two types of screen protectors (whether you have a Samsung Galaxy model or even an iPhone or something else) and they are compatible with the addition of a case on the mobile: film protectors hydrogel and the protections in tempered glasstransparent that look like they're getting it wrong... on the surface of a glass pane !

What choice should I make when it comes to shockproof-oriented screen protection? It depends a lot on your tastes, and especially on what you do with your Samsung Galaxy Note on a daily basis! All types of protections are suitable, however the feelings and uses are not the same. With a tempered glass, it's the same feeling as your simple screen, with nothing on it. You can use it for your usual activities. While for a movie hydrogel, we'll be more on a thicker feeling so inevitably, it's less advisable if you like to scribble with your finger. You can with one as with the other use your phone for classic uses.

Go and discover without waiting for the Screen protection tempered glass with each edge is black for Samsung Galaxy Note or in more classic, our Samsung Galaxy Note hydrogel film screen protector. Also available for Galaxy S and A, as well as their Ultra variants! All our products are available at an unbeatable price on the French-speaking market. We are a company based in France and our entire team is also there!

Are you looking for total protection and don't have too much time to browse all the collections? Then the Samsung Galaxy Note Pack with Transparent anti-shock shell and Hydrogel film screen protection will be perfect! Some of our protections are 9H hardness, what could be better? The delivery is fast, enjoy it.

These protections are compatible with any case on the market with the inevitable exception of waterproof and integral cases that already have screens included. By adding protection, you risk creating an extra layer that would block the proper use of the touch screen. You can find our tempered glass protections or hydrogel film for Samsung Galaxy A and of the protective films for Samsung Galaxy S on our shop!

Can we use a screen protector for all variants of Samsung Galaxy Note?

Yes! At Paprikase we have thought of all possible models. For each product available for Galaxy Note, you will be able to specifically choose your model in stock. Remember to take a look in your settings to validate the correct item on our site so that the ordered item is compatible. Don't panic if you make a mistake, exchanges are possible within 14 days. You can find all our models in the filters of each collection: simple!

A question? Need help choosing the most suitable model for your smartphone and your use? Our customer service very flexible is there for you 5 days out of 7 and responds to you within 24 working hours for a 5 * treatment of your request. Don't hesitate to read the reviews of our customers on each product description, they are there to guide you on your choices! Our satisfied or refunded guarantee is transparent and displayed on our website.

Are you looking to expand your collection with full other accessories protection or simply convenience for your device? We offer them for all smartphones, even with a curved screen: Huawei, Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Honor, Edge, Oppo, Xperia...

Take a walk in the middle of our hull reinforced TPU (TPU being a solid plastic) or silicone, protective case, covers, light case or "lite case", usb cables, high-strength induction charger support, bluetooth wireless earphone cases (real mini speakers!) or even the chargers on our site. We also have quality products for tablets such as the samsung Galaxy Tab or the Apple iPad(including our famous folio cases).

The screen is probably the most sensitive area of your Samsung Galaxy Note, so care must be taken to ensure that it is protected with strong and robust accessories. At Paprikase, the optimal protection your smartphone is our priority. Take advantage of the best quality / price ratio the market (and even more during each promo offer), and free shipping from 30 EUR of purchases (and above all your package is shipped in record time)!