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Protection d'écran verre trempé iPad Protection d'écran iPad Paprikase iPad mini/mini 2/mini 3  Protection d'écran verre trempé iPad Protection d'écran iPad Paprikase
iPad tempered glass screen protector
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Why buy a screen protector for your Apple iPad?

All the interest of your iPad lies in its quality transparent touch screen! So it is more than it is essential to protect it as it is fragile and easily subject to scratches such as glass, chips and other fingerprints. But in the worst case, it's possible that your iPad slips out of your hands and that's the cata. We can quickly end up with a black screen and given the cost of repairs, it's better to have anticipated and protected it properly.

At Paprikase, we are committed to helping you have the best protective accessories (like tempered glass) for all your devices. We find them on a daily basis and make sure to offer them to you at the best price on the web, because everyone and no matter the budget, should be able to protect your tabletwith premium products that are as thin as paper and that last over time. Also take advantage today of free shipping from 30 EUR of purchases to equip all your devices and not only your iPad (or your Galaxy Tab)! Note that the delivery is also fast.

We are currently offering you on our shop the best quality screen protection that is, namely the one made of tempered glass! You probably know her, she's a classic. Tempered glass is a premium transparent material, easy to install and which is very resistant. On the surface, it looks like your screen (but protected) and you can almost look at it like in a glass (clean, it goes without saying).

Very soon, we will also offer you the variant of tempered glass, that is to say the hydrogel film, just as protective!

Don't wait any longer to discover our iPad Tempered Glass Screen Protector at a very affordable price. Appreciated by our customers with a rating of 5/5, it will definitely delight you and protect your tablet.

You would like a comprehensive protection for your Apple iPad ? At Paprikase you are of course in the right place! Discover all our other accessories like the Cases for iPad Tablets, or even the Covers for iPad. All our proposed items are available in stock with fast and free delivery from 30 EUR of purchases. Enough to have fun without breaking the bank or waiting!

Can we use a screen protector for all Apple iPads?

Yes absolutely! We offer our tempered glass screen protectors for many popular Apple iPad models that are still on sale. That you have an iPad Mini, a iPad Air 4, an iPad Pro 11 of the 1st generation or even 2nd gen, or an iPad Pro 12.9" (inch or inch) whether it is of the 3rd, 4th or 5th gen, we have what you need! If you have any doubts about the exact model of yours and the number of inches, do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will be happy to guide you and help you choose the compatible model of tempered glass screen protector. In any case, you are satisfied or refunded with returns within 14 days from receipt of the order (exchanges are also possible).

We ship free of charge from France in 24 working hours. All this is not sponsored by anyone, only by our desire to help you on a daily basis! And yes, it's compatible with a business.

Each of our tempered glass screen protectors comes with a paper user manual for an ultra perfect and bubble-free installation even with the use of shells.

Still undecided? All our products are rated by our customers! So don't hesitate to read the verified reviews from our sales and from each of them to make the best decision to protect your tablet.

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We also offer these items for other phones such as Huawei including in the category protective film. All customer reviews are available there for each model.

We strongly advise you to protect your tablet screen from scratches and traces. But if you're here, it's because you are aware of the fragility of the high-quality screen of yourApple iPad ! However, it is not necessary to break the bank to benefit from optimal protection. At Paprikase, all our products are at the best quality / price ratio on the web and we ship quickly and free of charge from 30 EUR of purchases.