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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Coque iPhone 100% waterproof Coque iPhone Paprikase Noir iPhone 6/6S Coque iPhone 100% waterproof Coque iPhone Paprikase Bleu iPhone X/XS
100% waterproof iPhone case
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Coque iPhone intégrale waterproof colorée jusqu'à 2 mètres de profondeur Coque iPhone Paprikase Noir iPhone 7/8/SE 2020/SE 2022 Coque iPhone intégrale waterproof colorée jusqu'à 2 mètres de profondeur Coque iPhone Paprikase Bleu iPhone XR
Full body waterproof iPhone case coloured up to 2 meters deep
Sale priceFrom 16,90€ Regular price39,90€
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iPhone waterproof case: why is it important?

A waterproof protective case is an essential accessory with which you must equip your Apple phone. In fact, these waterproof covers are generally recommended for non-waterproof smartphones. However, they make it possible to optimize the watertightness of an already water-resistant device.

Protection for athletes and for daily use

Such a protective case isthe essential accessory for people who practice a sports activity in contact with water: kayaking, swimming, diving ... Waterproof covers for Apple phones are also recommended for daily use. Indeed, no one is immune splashes of the rains for example, or accidental falls in the baths or elsewhere.

Resistance and tightness

We also advise you to opt for a shockproof cover lined with a waterproof function. In this way, you will enjoy optimal protection for your Apple phone: scratches, shockproof, water... It's not only about protectingits screen, but also its internal components. The latter are very fragile. A single contact with water can cause irreversible damage. It is therefore essential to equip your smartphone with a case or a pouch with water resistance. Some products also protect the device from snow.

Waterproof iPhone pouch, diving case, water iPhone case: trust us!

Exposing your Apple device to water or snow poses huge risks. It is therefore vital to choose a robust protective cover that is waterproof and also serves as an anti-shock. At Paprikase, we offer you a rich selection of cases and pouches to protect your Apple smartphone, its screen and its components.

Varied and resistant products for all tastes

Our mobile phone accessories display an ultra-effective resistance to water, especially since they are compatible with many iPhone models. To guarantee you complete protection, we offer products made in tempered glass with a wide choice of colors. These models are also very design that will add a touch of elegance to your mobile phone. Thus, you can practice all the activities you want with peace of mind: the screen and the components of your device will remain well protected.

Our favorite

If you're looking for a waterproof iPhone case or any other protective accessory, don't hesitate to take a look on our website. You can choose the full waterproof iPhone case. It is made of high-end waterproof TPU. Fully transparent and water resistant, it will effectively protectyour phone's screen and components.

If you prefer color, opt for our colorful waterproof iPhone case.

Do not hesitate to visit our website to discover our entire catalog (bag, pouches ...). You won't have to wait because we ensure fast delivery and free from 30 euros of purchase.