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Wooden phone holder
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Why buy a wooden phone holder?

Wood is a great quality material, resistant but also very beautiful! On the other hand, it does not allow the flexibility of silicone for example, but it is absolutely perfect for office accessories in particular. If you're looking for a clean look for your work piece, then don't hesitate any longer and opt for a wooden phone holder. He won't suffer himself from inadvertently falling during your spring cleaning of the workspace, and clearly, he's doing his little effect at the visual level. A small smartphone station to match with a decor filled with plants and bamboo!

At Paprikase, our goal is to offer you only quality products, accessories and other gadgets for your smartphone. We find the best items for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy for example for you, and so that you don't have to mess with the quality. This verification is already carried out by us! All you have to do is take advantage of the best prices on the web, our promotional offers, and of course to treat yourself (at a lower cost therefore).

Currently, we have only one wooden support object in our catalog. But we're a very young company based in France, and thanks to the support of our hundreds of customers so far, we're able to expand our collection every week. Don't hesitate to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed of our development and the news to come in each announcement!

So for now we're offering you only one item, of course, but what a product! This is the Wooden Phone Holder. A support of high quality and beautiful manufacture, perfect for your office. It's available in beige and brown so you can really match it with your interior. Having this wooden stand is the assurance of no longer losing the phone under a pile of folders or looking for it every minute on the desk! No one likes that. But you can also use it simply to make video calls while having your hands free.

Wood is a durable material. At a low price, it's a great investment for the future since you won't need to change it tomorrow. Also note that this wooden stand presented by Paprikase is non-slip. Essential function to avoid seeing your phone make a gliding flight to the ground!

We invite you to quickly browse our catalog to discover all our premium quality items!

If you are looking for several supports, remember to consult our categories designed by material. We offer our silicone phone holders for the bike or the motorcycle, our plastic brackets very resistant, and of course our metal design brackets.

Start your collection of wooden phone holders immediately for a warm and natural working environment. All this at the best price on the web! And we didn't tell you, but the delivery is super fast, and above all it is free from 30 EUR of purchases.

Can we use a wooden stand with any smartphone?

Of course, everything is compatible! It's not the material of the support that makes the compatibility, but the manufacture. We produce only quality items and above all with a universal design (which is suitable for all smartphones). Our wooden stand is suitable for any mobile model, and that's precisely the goal. We invite you above all to choose your support according to your need and your usefulness on a daily basis, on a table at home or at work. If you need help determining the right function, validating your selection or having specific information, you can contact our customer service so that they can help you and give you all the necessary information. In any case, returns are possible within 14 days.

Also remember to read the starred reviews of our hundreds of already satisfied customers. They detail their experience at Paprikase on our online store and will be able to refer you via their reviews. Do not hesitate to make a return also once your order has been received.

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You had in mind to get a phone holder, and you have a certain affinity with the wood style? Discover without further ado our collection of supports in this subject. Perfect on a desk or your bedside table, their quality is proven by our team and our satisfied customers. Don't wait any longer to order yours! The delivery is fast and free from 30 EUR of purchases and, of course, we take advantage of rates defying any competition. We are also looking forward to talking about our designer cases project and Christmas gift bags (personalized choice of smartphone or tablet). Our company and online store are based in France.