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Why buy a screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy A?

Surely you already have a whole range of shells. Except that the;a phone's screen including Samsung Galaxy is probably its most sensitive area whether it's curved or not! You've probably already happened to drop yours during a moment of inattention, and the disaster has happened: cracked screen or with chips and scratches. The biggest drama is the black screen, which doesn't turn on anymore. Just because you don't have an iPhone doesn't mean you shouldn't worry about it!

At Paprikase, our absolute goal is to avoid these everyday glitches, which always happen to us when it suits us the least (if tempted that it might suit us one day)! That's why we work hard every day to offer you only quality products to the optimal protection.

There are currently two kinds of screen protectors (no matter the Samsung smartphone or Apple iPhone for example) compatible with any case: film protectors hydrogel and those in tempered glass (with a black edge or not). Both are in stock at Paprikase!

How to choose yours? It will depend on your tastes only. Both are suitable and optimal but do not give the same feeling of use. With a tempered glass, it's as if you were on the same screen thanks to a glazed surface, while with the film hydrogel, it's very sweet, very voluptuous. Neither of these two protections impair the use of your phone.

Discover now the Screen protector tempered glass with black edges Samsung Galaxy A or in more classic, our Samsung Galaxy A hydrogel film screen protector. Also available for Galaxy Note and S! Also enjoy the best quality / price ratio on the market!

Are you looking for 360 protection? Then the Samsung Galaxy A Pack with Transparent anti-shock shell and Hydrogel film screen protection is for you!

These tempered glass or hydrogel film screen protectors are compatible with all the covers proposed in the product descriptions. They do not alter the sensitivity of the screen in any way to write your text on it, for example. You will be able to find in stock tempered glass protections for Samsung Galaxy S and protective films for Samsung Galaxy Note (including for Ultras).

Can we use a screen protector for all Samsung Galaxy A variants?

Yes! In our shop, we make sure that each of our products in stock fits perfectly to your Galaxy A model and its glass screen or even with their induction chargers. Remember to check yours in your settings in order to validate the correct article on our site and that everything is compatiblee. You can find all our models in the filters of the collection as well.

In any case, be reassured. Our customer service is there for you 5 days out of 7 and responds to you within 24 working hours. We can organize an exchange if you have unfortunately not ordered the right model, so your items will be reconditioned to new. Need to know the feelings of our customers? Take the time to read their feedback in the testimonials sections of each product.

You want to complete your collection with other accessories what are the screen protectors made of tempered glass or hydrogel film? We also offer them for all smartphones: Huawei, Apple iPhone, Xiaomi, Honor, Edge, Oppo, Xperia...

Discover our hull (in several colors: black, red, pink etc.) in reinforced TPU or silicone, covers, light case or "lite case ", headphones, protective case and usb cables, earphone cases just as protective wireless bluetooth (like airpods or airpods pro, or even speakers and headphones), usb cables or battery chargers on our site. We also have a wide choice for tablets such as Galaxy Tab or tabletsiPad (including tempered glasses with black edges, special full privacy spy protections and hydrogel film!). Accessories for smartwatches and macbook-type computers will soon be available.

Theyreviews of our customers are available in the testimonials tabs of each product description and for each device they have protected! Make your choice quickly because some items are so successful that they risk breaking up.

At Paprikase, you benefit from the best quality / price ratio not to mention each cumulative promo. And above all, delivery is fast and free from 30 EUR of purchases. Don't wait any longer to make your choice from our large quantity of accessories in stock and cases for phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei etc).Also take advantage of the current limited promo for each item in the 'Promotions' tab. A question? A doubt? Contact our customer service: a response is guaranteed within 24 working hours.