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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Huawei Mate Hydrogel Screen ProtectorHuawei Mate Hydrogel Screen Protector
Huawei Mate Hydrogel Screen Protector
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Curved screen protector tempered glass with black edges Huawei MateCurved screen protector tempered glass with black edges Huawei Mate

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Why buy a screen protector for your Huawei Mate?

Huawei Mate smartphone  screen protection, product specially designed for Huawei Mate.

best accessories  best quality / price ratio on the market  fast delivery 

two types of screen protection 

tempered glass hydrogel film, slightly thicker and just as resistant, it is also what could be described as a small cushion for your screen. Anyway, with one or the other of these protections, your Huawei Mate screen will retain all its features without worry.

Huawei Mate hydrogel film screen protector  Curved screen protector tempered glass with black edges Huawei Mate 

Huawei Mate Pack with Transparent anti-shock shell and Hydrogel screen protection. Simple and fast, like delivery directly to your home from elsewhere! This pack is not yet available with tempered glass but we're working on it.

smartphone model  the Screen Protectors for Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Don't wait any longer to equip yourself at the best price on our Paprikase shop!

Can we use a screen protector for all Huawei's models?

Huawei Mate screen protectors for Huawei P  customer support 

At the moment, we offer protections and accessories for the following models: P20 (pro and lite), P30 (pro and lite) P40 (pro, pro+ and lite), P Smart and P50 (E and pro), Mate 20 (pro, lite and X), Mate 30 (normal and pro), Mate 40 (pro and pro+). The Huawei Nova will soon be added to the catalog! Sign up for the newsletter to be kept up to date.

consult the opinions of our customers 

offer compatible screen protection 

all our little anti-glitch nuggets of everyday life : ultra-resistant shells  other products for tablets  iPad.

screen protector for Huawei Mate best price on the market  free shipping