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How to choose your case for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or Z Fold?

Everything will depend on your tastes and your expectations! Whether you want a protective case or a wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy Z (whether it's a Flip or a Fold), you first need to think about properly protecting it. This shockproof aspect must be essential for this type of device.

However, it's a subject that's quickly settled at Paprikase ! Within our shop, we have a single guideline: that our cases and accessories are 100% at the service of protecting your phone, regardless of the specifics of the Z Flip and Z Fold. Everything has been thought out so that each case model protects it correctly, without asking any questions.

So all you have to do is think about what you want in terms of style for your cover, case, folio or even shell, no matter what name you give it! Your Samsung Galaxy deserves the protection and the style at the forefront of trends, without ignoring one or the other. Or even without emptying your pockets.

Do you love wallet cases and covers and do you think that it's not compatible with a smartphone that folds? Think again! Discover our Samsung Galaxy J wallet case with non-animal leather back flap available in black for example, or brown (leather color).

Do you have a penchant for military-style phone cases, ultra-armored and resistant to quite violent shocks? Because yes, it is necessary to protect these little jewels that are the Galaxy Z with the perfect finish with a tough case. We have exactly what you're looking for with the case called Samsung Galaxy Z full military protection case, available in black or red, made of TPU plastic with great resistance and shockproof both for the phone and the screen! She is compatible with induction charging.

Are you a glitter lover? Fall in love without delay for a light case such as the transparent glitter case for Samsung Galaxy Z available in several colors, such as pink or transparent black! Something to brighten up your Galaxy Z Flip!

In a minimalist but really practical style, discover the transparent Samsung Galaxy Z Cover with drawstring around the neck.

We also have silicone cases, a resistant but flexible material, and above all very design. Also remember to take a look at the matte and fitted Samsung Galaxy Z Case with interchangeable buttons, or even our cases with a ring. This ring serves as a support, practical!

Benefit from fast and free delivery from 30 EUR of purchases on our shop and products in stock at the best price! Find all the ordering and delivery information at the bottom of each page of our shop.

What type of case for Samsung Galaxy Z to choose?

So all you have to do is choose the case or the case that you'll like the most thanks to our wide range of colors. You can choose a transparent case to show everyone the beauty of your smartphone, or bet on a silicone cover. Despite the unconventional format of the Z Flip and Fold, we have something to sublimate them!

Whatever the case chosen, they are almost all compatible with the wireless charger, induction charger or magsafe! We invite you to click on this filter on our shop if it is a selection criterion for you. All our models are starred by our customers (find all the reviews on our website), and our accessories are all more appreciated than each other!

We also offer cases and cases for Galaxy A, Galaxy S, Galaxy M or J, or Galaxy Note and Note +, as well as their ultra, lite and edge variants.

Needless to say, we have cases for Apple iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi, a pouch for your Galaxy Tab or iPad, or even a must-have product such as a tempered glass screen protector, or a case with a lanyard such as a ring.

All you have to do is protect your smartphone (no matter what brand it is, including iPhone or Google Pixel mobile) and all your devices thanks to our store Paprikase always at the best price! Created by two passionate sisters, welcome to a company that is close to its customers, and that makes all the difference. Would you like more information about our products? Contact our customer support and get an answer within 24 working hours.

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