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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products
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Silicone case soft daisies on a colored backgroundSilicone case soft daisies on a colored background
Silicone case soft daisies on a colored background
Sale priceFrom £7.00 Regular price£9.00
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coque iPhone fleurs séchées et tigescoque fleurs séchées iphone
iPhone shell dried flowers
Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£15.00
13 reviews
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iPhone case with palm leaves and telescopic ringcoques été iphone feuilles de palmier végétation nature fleurs
iPhone case with palm leaves and telescopic ring
Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£15.00
16 reviews
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iPhone case leaves and vintage watercoloriPhone case leaves and vintage watercolor
iPhone case leaves and vintage watercolor
Sale priceFrom £7.00 Regular price£13.00
7 reviews
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Embossed Unicorn iPhone shellEmbossed Unicorn iPhone shell
Embossed Unicorn iPhone shell
Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£14.00
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Why choose a nature and animals iPhone case?

Simply because we deserve, and our smartphone too, to brighten up our daily lives! We're already sufficiently overrun with anxiety-inducing information, let's put a little color, joy and cuteness in our accessories.

Our cases and covers Apple nature and animals are crunchy and fun to be sure, but let's not forget our primary goal at Paprikase which is the safety of your phone above all! Strong and resistant, they are made ofsilicone. A material that has proven itself and which remains nevertheless flexible in its design. It also has a much longer lifespan than a TPU case, for example, which also absorbs shocks, but differently.

We can thus offer you a Soft silicone Apple iPhone case with daisy pattern on a colorful background available in several colors including pink and yellow.

We also offer you a Palm leaves pattern iPhone case with telescopic ring, especially convenient!

And of course, the undefeatable and too cute Embossed and silicone Unicorn pattern iPhone case which makes the happiness of children and adults who have just kept their child's soul. The unicorn is an animal, certainly imaginary, but which always delights!

We offer you with pleasure quite a choice : flower pattern, white horse (which makes you think of a cute animal, the unicorn!), animals, in short a new original collection and fun design! Our accessories, often made of silicone material, are available in the form of a protective case for your phone iPhone but also Huawei and Samsung (each case is compatible with your device and specific model).

A wide collection of accessories for tablets and smartphones at Paprikase!

In our shop, we not only offer cases and cases with a pretty cat pattern, an original design and animal prints, but also full of;accessories for your smartphone, and even your tablet!

Very soon, we will also offer you a personalized case to which you can add the photo of your choice. Sign up for our newsletter to be informed as soon as it is released!

All our products are at the best quality / price ratio on the web and it can be combined with a promo code on all your orders. The delivery is super fast! We're working hard to ensure that you have a good shopping experience.

Whether you have a Huawei, a Xiaomi, a Samsung Galaxy or even Galaxy Ultra or for that matter any other brand, we have your back. Our cases, made of silicone or TPU plastic (TPU being very resistant), are of a optimal protection, but you can also opt for a cover or a smartphone or tablet case such as one with interchangeable buttons (you receive several buttons). Complete your order with a multi-port charger cable or a wireless charger stand, or even a hydro gel or tempered glass screen protector. You can also opt for a tempered glass with a black edge.

Your Apple iPhone has Magsafe technology (wireless charging)? Opt for a compatible support at Paprikase. No accessories or protection is too much for your device!

Do not delay any longer to discover our articles, and take advantage of our entire range of accessories and cases for Apple iPhone ! At Paprikase, our priority is the protection of your smartphone, but also to make your daily life easier. All our products are studied and are offered to you at best quality / price ratio on the market ! The delivery is fast andfree from 30 EUR of purchases (ie no shipping costs!). As for customer service, we promise to respond to you within 24 working hours.