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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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Colored iPhone case with braided strapColored iPhone case with braided strap
Colored iPhone case with braided strap
Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£15.00
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Colored soft shell for iPhone with neck strapColored soft shell for iPhone with neck strap
Colored soft shell for iPhone with neck strap
Sale priceFrom £8.00 Regular price£14.00
49 reviews
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Transparent iPhone case with neck cordTransparent iPhone case with neck cord
Transparent iPhone case with neck cord
Sale priceFrom £7.00 Regular price£14.00
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What are the advantages of iPhone cases with cord or shoulder strap?

An iPhone case with a cord around the neck is a product that has several advantages but one of them is more obvious than the others: having your iPhone around your neck so it's convenient! No need to look for it in all your pockets, to know if you put it in your bag or even if you didn't forget it when you left home, it's there, rest assured. By the way, you can look at the screen in the blink of an eye, it's at your fingertips and at your glance. Another advantage, you don't risk losing it: securely attached to its shoulder strap, it accompanies you everywhere and for the most uptight of us, it avoids forgetting it on the table of a cafe... Finally, and this advantage is not the least: it is above all a very robust shell that resists shocks and therefore protects effectively protect your Apple iPhone !

At Paprikase, first of all, we would like to offer you quality articles and accessories for optimal protection. We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect case, that's why we have made all this great selection to keep and offer you only the premium accessories. Our second objective was of course to offer you all this at the best price. For one iPhone case must be accessible to everyone!

We currently have three models of iPhone case with cord in stock. We are a very young company based in France and thanks to the support of our hundreds of customers, we can now develop and offer you new products every month!

First of all, here's the colorful iPhone case with braided lanyard. It's available in several colors: black, yellow, green, red, transparent white, and especially from the iPhone 7 to the 13 Pro Max. Very elegant, it's no less robust: strong metal rings fix the cord to the phone case. Suffice to say that you're not ready to lose your iPhone! This case is made of silicone and colored braided lanyard.

We also present to you the Colorful soft iPhone case with lanyard around the neck. It's a soft TPU case (different from silicone), very elegant and resistant to shocks. This lite case is equipped with a very practical anti-dust system. This one is available from the iPhone 6 to the 14 Pro Max in black, blue, olive green and purple (different from purple)! Small note, we will release it soon in red, purple and pink.

Finally, of course, we could not ignore the great classic, the Transparent iPhone case with cord around the neck. We all need a transparent case to be able to show off the superb design of our iPhone without damaging it thanks to the shockproof protection! Well, with this shell it's done. Since in addition to being transparent, the superb style of your iPhone will be clearly visible. This case is available from the iPhone 7 to the 14 Pro Max in black, black and blue, olive green and beige, and finally red and yellow.

Don't wait too long because the corded shells have a lot of success and may be out of stock. We love having our smartphone at hand and always in plain sight. In addition, the delivery is fast at Paprikase : immediately ordered, immediately delivered!

If you like these cases, then don't wait any longer to browse our collection of shells with a channel for the latest and oldest iPhones. We offer you on each page of drawstring cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max, or even some drawstring cases for iPhone 6! We invite you to pair this case with a screen protector. Order quickly and benefit from the best quality / price ratio on the market. Note that this type of case is also available for Samsung Galaxy and Huawei.

The best iPhone cases with cord are at Paprikase

No cases with drawstring or shoulder strap are available all year round on our online store. We offer these cases for the iPhone 6 and up to the 14 Pro Max currently. As soon as a new model is released, we adapt to offer you something to protect your brand new phone. There are so many models at Apple these days that it may happen that we don't really know if we have an iPhone 7 or a 12, or even a 13 Pro Max. If you hesitate, contact our customer service who will be happy to guide you in your choice according to your needs, but also who can help you identify the model of your smartphone. In any case, if you are mistaken, know that returns and exchanges are possible within 14 days. At Paprikase, it's satisfied or refunded or exchanged!

You don't really know which way to drawstring/ chain shell to iPhone you turn? We reassure you right away, they are all as qualitative as each other. Choose according to the design you prefer! That said, you can absolutely read the reviews of our verified customers on our website in order to have another vision of our articles. Don't hesitate to leave a review on the product page also when you have received your shoulder bag !

You have an iPhone but maybe someone in your circle has an samsung Galaxy Phone ? Or do you have an iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab yourself? Or are you switching from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone? There are so many reasons to treat yourself by completing your collection of products for smartphones and tablets. We cover a maximum of brands such as Apple iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy (the Ultras too) and Tab, Honor, Oppo, Huawei (Huawei Mate or Note), Xiaomi... And most importantly we have many choices in our catalog from products in stock: lite case, transparent white magnetic case, integral case, induction chargers, protective cases compatible with wireless headphones, soft silicone case, headphones and earphones, usb connection cable or usb to lightning, smart case, desk stand etc.

Fall in love now for a iPhone case with drawstring or shoulder strap, you will not regret it! By ordering from us, on our online store, you are guaranteed to always buy high-quality products that perfectly protect your smartphone. All you have to do is choose what you like the most. Benefit from the best price on the web with an unbeatable quality / price ratio (VAT included), and don't forget that the delivery is certainly express, but above all it's free from 30 EUR of purchases! We find ourselves on the other side with a classy and protected iPhone.

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