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By ordering from our shop, you benefit from the best quality / price ratio on the market, and above all you benefit from fast and free delivery on all items in stock. Enough to please yourself with our offer without punching a hole in the wallet.

What are the advantages of a transparent case for your phone?

For one transparent shelle has a lot of advantage! Already, let's talk about design because what is transparent is beautiful. These cases are superb because they are simple and minimalist. Also called clear lite case, their transparency allows you to pay tribute to the style of your smartphone. Nowadays, a phone is a real work of art whether it's an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy (including Samsung Galaxy Ultra), a Xiaomi Redmi or even an Oppo Reno or Find for example. Then the transparent shells go with everything, it doesn't matter what your outfit of the day is or what you have planned. Finally, they are very easy to clean! By the way, we're giving you lots of tips on this and to avoid yellowing on our special blog post tip How to clean a transparent shell.

The characteristics of our transparent cases at Paprikase

At Paprikase, we have chosen to offer you only rates accessible to all. But who says accessible rates, does not say that the quality takes a hit, quite the contrary! Our products are of impeccable quality that we can't wait to have you test. Our transparent cases are available in resistant and proven materials such as "shockproof" and anti-scratch: TPU, reinforced plastic coating, silicone, liquid silicone... We offer them to you we also offer different styles: glitter case, cases with drawstring around the neck, waterproof case for diving... There is something for all tastes and all uses, whether indoors or outdoors! Here is a small list of the styles of cases at ultra low prices that you will find at Paprikase : 

  • Transparent case with glitter coating for iPhone made of silicone compatible with tempered glass screen protector
  • Samsung Galaxy A transparent TPU armor case with metal ring-holder
  • Colorful transparent black or pink Huawei P case with braided lanyard and pretty finish
  • Transparent drawstring design case for Oppo Reno (also available for Apple iPhone)
  • Ultra thin transparent case with metallic edges for Samsung Galaxy A
  • Colorful semi-opaque case with braided cord for Xiaomi Redmi Note

Don't forget, delivery is free from 30 EUR. It's time to create your small collection of 100% stylish cases both for winter and the sunny days that are coming with all our items in stock!

Paprikase, the best shop to buy a transparent smartphone case

If you are looking for a transparent case, no need to look any further! You are on the right shop. As we told you, our goal is clear: to allow everyone to get the best smartphone protection items at the best price without compromising on quality. Our entire catalog of phone protection products has been designed this way. We also offer you fast and free delivery from 30 EUR shopping: receive your order without waiting. It's compatible with any current promo offer! Do not hesitate to contact our customer support if you need help maintaining the transparency of your case and avoiding its yellowing (the yellowing of a transparent silicone or TPU coating, even black or pink, cannot be avoided including in the interior of the case, but we have given you a lot of tips in our blog post).

Are you looking for more than transparent cases? We have what you need for Apple iPhone and iPad, Samsung Galaxy (including Note), Google Pixel, Xiaomi, Redmi, Huawei etc. We have cases for tablets with a colorful finish, screen protection in tempered glass or hydrogel film, ultra trendy cases available in pink or black, a universal charger compatible with any smartphone, clear case retaining the micro opening, a protection of a tempered glass screen to be placed without bubbles for perfect transparency, a case model with a very trendy cord with a soft touch (Galaxy Note or iPhone), a tablet cover or even a computer cover, an integral case including a tempered glass perfect for going to the snow in winter without soaking the inside and therefore the phone and thereby making scratches on its screen...

So don't wait any longer and receive your transparent iPhone case or even your transparent Samsung Galaxy case! We can't wait to read your feedback on our various mobile cases and products. As a reminder, delivery is fast and free from 30 EUR of purchases, and the payment of your order is secure! All this is compatible with an ongoing offer on our store concerning all mobile products in stock whose availability is specified in the product sheet (you will also find customer reviews there). Return is possible within 14 days!