Les meilleures habitudes que vous pouvez prendre avec votre téléphone

Yes, your phone can help you form good habits. If you're smart, it probably already does! For example, you are reading this article! It's a good initiative to get informed.

In the past, everyone talked about breaking the phone habit. Today, our smartphones are an integral part of our lives, they're going to stay that way, and the benefits outweigh the perceived drawbacks of phone use.

Are you using your phone to the best of your ability? That means it makes you a better person, as well as making your life easier and more enjoyable!

Feel-good triggers

Reminders to pay bills are great. But what about reminders for wellness habits?

Try setting your phone to remind you of your wellness habits - like deep breathing or drinking a glass of water - at a specific time, or based on a change in location, like when you arrive at the office.

Maybe you want to get into the habit of getting ready for bed at a certain time. Set it up on all your devices. The TV turns off, the lights dim (if you have connected lights), and maybe your phone plays a certain playlist to accompany you while you do your bedtime routine of brushing your teeth and washing your face.

Use holders to place your phone out of reach to avoid postponing alarms. Force yourself to get up, and since you are up, do the healthy thing you were supposed to do!

Tracking progress

Tracking apps allow you to see your progress and get a virtual pat on the back for how far you've come.

Get into the habit of logging your meals and workouts. This habit is also great because it can become the trigger for a chain of good habits: for example, you can write down your steps before you get ready for bed, or you can write down the food you ate before you exercise.

These triggers are important for creating habits.

Tips for your new habits

Want to cook better and healthier? Use your phone to find recipes on YouTube. Workouts are there too, on YouTube or apps. Want to keep your hands busy so you don't reach for a snack while watching TV? Crochet and knitting instructional videos are also on your phone.

If you think being frustrated with doing things wrong is keeping you from adopting healthy habits, you can get all the information you need from your phone. There's not even an excuse for not knowing how to use a drill anymore! Every little DIY detail can be accessed on your phone!

It's a delightful time to be alive. We can get so much help from technology. Apps can help you meditate, do yoga, buy healthy ingredients, or get off the couch to run 5k!

Find your community

Losing weight? There's a group for that. Vegetarian moms? There's a group for that.

Social networks have long been demonized, but they're actually very helpful in finding the support you need to achieve your goals. Even if none of your family or friends share the same passion, or if you prefer the support of strangers to your loved ones (who might judge or meddle), you can find your tribe on social networks.

You need more than grit and commitment to succeed. You need people who can hold you accountable and inspire you with their progress and commitment.

And for your relaxation corner

Netflix running in the background can help you reach your relaxation zone. You can also use quality headphones, AirPods, or speakers to help you get the adrenaline pumping for your workouts through music or a good audiobook.

Some podcasts can keep the flame alive and keep you moving toward your goals.

The key is to find something to distract you or help you through the boring or painful parts of your daily life and your quest for good habits. First of all, there are many apps that keep you from getting bored with the routine. For example, workout apps and subscriptions change things up or give you many variations to follow.

Turn guilty pleasures into rewards

Your smartphone comes with a few pitfalls and it can be hard to avoid them. You may already be using a time tracker that gives you insight into how much time you spend on apps.

And you may be horrified that you spend so much time on Instagram or TikTok.

But that's okay. Instead of quitting cold turkey, turn your guilty pleasures into rewards. This creates a habit and you'll soon be looking to do the first condition first so you can access your reward.

For example, a fifteen-minute workout will have you scrolling through Instagram for five minutes. You will soon associate Instagram with workouts.

Finished the day's scheduled tasks? Reward yourself with content from your favorite TikTok or Reddit accounts.

Your phone is truly your best friend. You just need to maximize its potential as a useful friend. And since it's your best friend, put it in the best cases that will protect it and make you smile!

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