Les 3 meilleures applications iPhone pour vos sorties en VTT et vélo

Bike trips and MOUNTAIN BIKING are real moments of well-being!

You can feel the fresh air on your face, the wind in your hair, the warm rays of sun on your skin. You can experience moments of strong sensations You can experience the thrill of speed and adrenaline, or simply exercise to feel better in body and mind.

Whether it's a fun ride or a real workout for experienced cyclists, a bike ride or a ride to the MOUNTAIN BIKE is always a good idea!

We could go on with a list of arguments to start (or continue) in this activity, but this article will give you even more reasons to do so. better tips to take full advantage of it.

A course is a pure moment in time. A moment to yourself or with friends, emotions, memories. But it is also particularly satisfying to be able to follow your progress from one route to the next!

And above all, it's essential to discover new places. itineraries to vary the pleasures; especially if they have already been tested and approved by other cyclists!

Speaking of which, maybe you're also the kind of person who likes to share your finds, your nuggets, in short your little-known cycling routes and itineraries that have given you some great moments?

Well, guess what, it's a good thing! The whole team has been mobilized to find you a lot of applications for iPhone that allow you to do all this through a lot of features 😉

Our selection of mountain bike applications for iphone

We have selected our three favorites (we discussed them at the coffee machine, but we also tested them during our team rides!) and we present them to you right now.

By the way, don't forget to equip yourself for your bike rides with our racks like the silicone bike rack and the waterproof bike mount (we explain them in more detail at the end of the article).

Strava GPS Running and Cycling application for cyclists

Strava MTB Application

This is definitely the application the most known application !

It brings together runners, cyclists and many other sportsmen to allow them to record their activities, their evolution, their performances during their training sessions.

If Strava is the ideal solution for those who want to keep an eye on their progress, it is also very practical to know where you have already ridden.

The Strava system is indeed very simple, and allows all users to create routes on mapsfrom your iphone.

Just log in to your Strava account to create, share and geotag your routes.

This platform is not only useful for cyclists and other athletes! Indeed it is also possible to find hiking and running routes.

Why use Strava?

Used by millions of users around the world, the Strava service on iphone is very convenient to track your own performance and compare your routes with those of other users.

You can share your adventures on social networks, and post your best times. To make a comparison, just use the "Share" option on the different dedicated profiles.

How to use Strava?

To get started, first sign up on the Strava website or from your smartphone.

You can install the application for free Strava application on your iphone and your connected watch.

The first step is to log in to the Strava account that was created when you signed up and add it to your connected watch so that it automatically syncs.

At first, you have no recorded activities. So you'll need to run or bike for the app to record your first efforts.

Once this step is done, you can start managing your profile and benefit from all the features in one click from your smartphone 😉

The Strava application allows you to view comments, encouragement or congratulations from other users, cyclists or not.

It also allows you to follow the performances of your friends or competitors and to anticipate the training of some of them.

You can view the statistics of your activities and compare them with those of other users, whether in terms of distance traveled, time spent in the effort, speed or calories burned.

To serve you better, Strava has a community of over a million users who can correct every detail of your route.

The Strava app can be used on your iPhone or Apple Watch, as well as on virtually any GPS-enabled device, and is available in French.

The app is paid (7.99€ per month), but it also has a free version (less complete).

👉 Here is a small summary of the features dedicated to cyclists of Strava for your bike and mountain bike rides.

First of all, download the application will allow you to track your performance:

  • Activity tracking During and after a training session, you can consult your statistics and other key points for your evolution (distance, pace, speed, positive altitude difference, calories burned). You can also consult interactive maps of your activity.

  • Personal challenge Each month, you can participate in challenges. This is a great way to liven up your daily training to push yourself even further!

  • Segments What's your favorite hill or straight line? Find out your time on a specific course with Strava segments.


But that's not all! L'Strava application application allows cyclists to keep in touch with their friends and other athletes in the network:

  • Social training Subscribe to the accounts of your friends, training partners and professionals to follow each other's activities and encourage each other.

  • Clubs clubs: from the big global brands to small neighborhood running groups, you're sure to find one that's right for you. Join the ones you like best to find out about upcoming events, participate in discussions, or just stay informed about what's new.

  • Photos Photos: showcase the best moments of your training or ride.

  • Friendly competitions Competitions: give it your all and aim for the top of the leaderboard in a given segment.

  • Strava on social networks Share your activity details on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Useful links: Download the app or discover their website.


Download Komoot - Bike routes for your trips

Komoot MTB Application

The Komoot application is the ideal tool for hiking and mountain biking enthusiasts.

It is specially designed to help you organize and prepare your hikes, your cycling itinerariesor your walks with family or friends.

You can discover many routes in complete safety thanks to the map and the GPS integrated map and GPS.

Other features include a difficulty rating, photos, hiking information and points of interest. You can also share your experiences with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Komoot - Hiking Bike Routes is a free application.

The application Komoot is available in several languages including French.

Why use Komoot?

Komoot is a free application that allows you to create your own route guide. It is very easy to use and leaves a lot of freedom for the route creators.

You can use Komoot :

  • To create routes
  • To plan your hikes and trips (without GPS)
  • To visualize your route on 3D maps
  • To add photos and comments
  • To consult the profile of other users (nearby or abroad)

Setting up is quick and easy.

Once your profile is created, you just have to download the free Komoot application and launch the geolocation to display the routes that interest you.

You can then display maps on Komoot directly on your smartphone.

You can download the application or learn more about Komoot.


Cyclemeter GPS Bike and Race for training on smartphone

 Cyclemeter MTB Application

Cyclemeter is a application for smartphone allowing you to follow your bike routes and your progress in real time.

It also allows you to record data on time, route, speed, altitude, travel time, mileage, calories burned and much more.

The data is recorded on your smartphone so it can be shared on social networks.

It is a rather interesting application for cyclistsbut it requires a heart rate sensor to work at full speed.

If you already use it, it is a good alternative to Strava and Komoot.

How to use the Cyclemeter GPS Bike and Run application for your training?

You can use the Cyclemeter GPS Bike and Run app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Once theapplication downloaded, you can start tracking your cycling workout by typing your destination and ride time in the search field.

You can also choose a predefined route in the same way. Once you've set the route, press "Track" to start following your journey.

Cyclemeter GPS Bike and Run calculates distance traveled, average speed, maximum speed, altitude, number of laps and calories burned. A sound is heard when you run at 4 km/h or more.

You can also choose to receive notifications on your Apple Watch or iPhone when you reach a preset distance or when you reach a summit.

The application has an intelligent navigation system, which allows you to calculate the right routes according to the distance and time you want to travel. You can also track your progress on maps.

This application records and keeps an unlimited number of workouts.

👉 It also has some very interesting features:

  • View fully configurable pages of statistics, maps and graphs

  • View training on a calendar, organize it all by routes

  • Analyze your workout and update the app with your iCloud data

  • Record your heart rate, speed and cadence with sensors (purchased separately)

  • Record your daily steps and cadence during your workouts

The application can still be improved, but it easily covers the basics of cycling and other activities. MOUNTAIN BIKING !

In any case, whether you choose any of these applications, you will need a support to hang your smartphone on your handlebars during your mountain bike sessions.

Equip your smartphone for cycling

The two products we're going to present here stand out both for their design and their efficiency.

👉 Bike phone holder

The best way to really enjoy a cycling session is to use your MOUNTAIN BIKING is to not have to hold your smartphone the whole time you are riding.

To do this, you need a mount that can be attached to the handlebars of your ATV with a suction cup or a quick release system.

The bike mount that we offer is perfectly suited for this purpose. It allows you to place your smartphone horizontally, so that you can always enjoy the many applications offered.

Because yes, we have developed our own stand designed for cyclists. It is made of high quality silicone. It is therefore very easy to install and cannot be scratched or broken.

To attach it to your handlebars, simply tighten the silicone strap. Then install your iPhone in the holder. In two seconds, you are ready to go!

👉 Phone holder bag 100% waterproof bike and motorcycle

The rain is not a brake for many cyclists ! However, for your phone, it is a little less friendly. The best thing is to use a holder specially designed for that, and therefore waterproof!

We propose you our waterproof and multifunctional support for your ... "aquatic" 😉 This support has 3 slots for inserting cards, bills, keys or other small flat objects. A real all-in-one that you can't do without!

So which application (Strava, Komoot, Cyclemeter) and which support will you turn to?

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L’application vélo Cyclope est très bien aussi. Elle permet, en plus des fonctions classiques d’un compteur vélo, de connecter les cyclistes en eux. On peut connaitre la position des autres coureurs, avoir l’écart en temps, communiquer par la voix comme les professionnels avec leur oreillette.


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