iPhone 12 vs iPhone 11 : ce que nous savons

The iPhone 12 interested? How does the iPhone 12 compare to the iPhone 11? Should you buy the iPhone 11 or wait for the iPhone 12?

A rumor update is in order!

The iPhone 12 models

There will be four iPhone 12 modelsunlike the iPhone 11 which had three.

The sizes of the iPhone 12

According to several online sources, the entry-level model of the iPhone 12 measures 5.4 inches, a novelty for Apple.

The next model is a 6.1-inch iPhone 12, the same size as the classic iPhone 11.

Then come the Pro models: the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max had a size of 5.8 inches and 6.7 inches, whileiPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will have sizes of 6.1 and 6.7 inches.

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Look and feel

The iPhone 12 will offer the same colours as the iPhone 11, but Apple will always change the colours according to their popularity, andaccording to some rumors, it will be a deep blue for the iPhone Pro or Pro Max.

These colours can be highlighted in aminimalist transparent case. This way you protect your phone without covering the iPhone colour you love so much!

The iPhone 12 will have a design similar to that of the iPad Pro 2020 The edges are thinner and flatter than the rounded design of the iPhone 11. But how thin? 7.5 mm thick, 10% thinner than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The notch of the iPhone 12 would be thinnerbecause the speaker will no longer be in this area.

We just have to wait and see the iPhone 12 to fall in love with it - we hope! - at first sight (and to the touch).


According to some sources, all iPhone 12 models will haveOLED screens. This is already a big advantage over the LCD screens of the iPhone 11. OLED screens simply have better contrast, deeper blacks, a wider and more vibrant colour gamut, faster refresh rates and wider viewing angles.

The camera

We know this is the most sought after feature! And it looks like the iPhone 12 will not disappoint.

It will certainly be quite difficult to outdo the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro as they are some of the best camera phones on the market today. The iPhone 11 has wide and ultra-wide lenses while the Pro has a telephoto zoom.AND who would forget to mention the night mode and Smart HDR? These features still delight people who are looking for perfection in their photos and videos.

The iPhone 12 will also have two photo sensors, andthe iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max will have three photo sensors and the new LiDAR sensor.


The iPhone 12 will probably also useApple's new A14 Bionic processorthe first chip with a 5nm etch thickness, unlike the 7nm chip in the A13 Bionic.

This A14 Bionic processor will allow your iPhone 12 to have the performance and speed of a Macbook Pro. In short, more efficiency, with a promise of a 15% jump in performance but requiring 30% less power.

That sounds pretty interesting, when you know the rather short lifespan of Apple's batteries.

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