Conseils et accessoires pour les entrainements de printemps

The long hours and warmer days of spring inspire you, don't they? It makes you want to get back in shape, shed the pounds you gained over the winter (and the confinement) so you can run in the summer feeling lighter and less inclined to sprawl on the ground or go home in pain.

You don't care about just looking good. You want to feel good!

It is well known that exercise releases endorphins. These hormones make you feel good because they help manage pain and stress. This explains the euphoria we all feel after exercise. Post-workout euphoria is actually a mixture of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

All of these hard-to-pronounce names are happy hormones, brain chemicals that play an important role in regulating your mood.

Working and studying at home has its advantages. Less time spent getting dressed and going to work or college, and more time for breakfast! You still meet the same people. And the different personalities that make the world go round more or less match you. You also still have the same amount of work to finish.

All this can build up in your head and you need to get that stress out! Even without a specific fitness or weight loss goal, schedule a workout into your day as often as possible during the week to get your blood flowing. It's good for you!

Here are our tips and accessories for your workouts!

First of all, think long term

The spring and summer season can give us fitness fever. Sign-ups explode. This is when gyms usually see new people coming in (or their old clients suddenly returning). This is also the case in the New Year period.

Before you dive into memberships and subscriptions, ask yourself if this exercise or workout is something you be able to maintain. For example, if you sign up for an online class that meets at a certain time, can you stick with it? Will the schedule help motivate and discipline you? If so, great!

Or would the set days and times trap you? Maybe your days are more fluid because you're freelance and can miss classes if there are tasks that fall to you.

In that case, maybe you need something you can do on your own time.

Find something you love to do

If you find yourself always giving up weight training and bodyweight exercises, maybe you just don't like them. The same goes for any type of exercise. Stop beating yourself up and find something you love!

You'll be surprised! You're probably still looking for those quick but intense and effective exercises.

BUT... what good are 7 or 15 minute exercises if you don't do them? Whereas when you love something, you don't mind, you don't notice how much time you spend on it and you look forward to doing it every day!

Whatever workout you choose - whether it's yoga, dance, Zumba, Pilates, barre, a spinning class or just riding an exercise bike at varying levels of intensity and resistance - you need to practice frequently and regularly. Once a week is not enough. You need to exercise often and regularly.

For example, there's a reason people buy exercise bikes and mountain bikes. It's an effective cardio workout and it's so much fun! 45 minutes can go by quickly while you are working your legs!

Try thisiPhone bike mount and mount your phone on your exercise bike. You can watch Netflix or follow a bike workout from an app! You don't need to buy a Peloton! Just enjoy your bike!

Or if you really want to go for a ride, track your progress and route with this waterproof bike and motorcycle pouch

Like to run? Avoid bulky pockets and use armbands

Set a steady pace, rest and recover

Remember to start slowly. If you find yourself falling in love with running, jumping rope, cycling or weight lifting, take it easy to avoid pain.

Follow the recommended warm-ups and reps. Look for the right method and apply it. This is very important!

Remember, consistency is key. Consistency goes out the window if you train today and then have to skip the rest of the week because you're injured or too sore to move.

Use this all terrain tripod to mount your phone anywhere in the house or outdoors and watch your workout videos in comfort. Whether you're lying on the floor doing yoga or standing outside about to jump rope, the tripod lets you place your phone at eye level.

Keep track of it all. Cross-train. Have fun!

Keeping track doesn't just mean recording your sessions and distances traveled. It's also about scheduling cross-training to achieve maximum fitness and avoid getting bored with the same routines.

Keeping a log also helps you remember the moves you like. Soon, your workouts will be tailored exactly to your preferences. You may hate burpees, but you love dynamic kettlebell swings.

And maybe you start with 25 squats but progress to 125 later! It's great to see your progress! It motivates you to keep going and not regress.

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