Accessoires étanches pour vos aventures estivales

Life is back to normal, and isn't it wonderful? We all want to go outside and feel the sun on our skin, to dive into the sea and let the swirl of water comfort and welcome us after a year spent inside our houses.

What are your plans for this summer? We have the best waterproof accessories for your summer adventures!

When it comes to phone accessories, you want something functional and stylish. In this post, we've got a selection of waterproof phone accessories that will show off your phone and keep it safe, wherever you go! To the beach, to the mountains, and everywhere else!

At the beach

Ahhh, it doesn't take much to tell the people around you that your life is full of beauty, like a picture of your feet pointing to the endless horizon of the sea. Maybe there's also a flute of champagne or a glass of margarita in the frame?

The beach is always full of promise when it comes to seeking a respite from the world. Scientific studies have even proven that the sound of the waves and the crashing of the water have a relaxing effect on humans. So go to the beach! You need it!

Swim. Explore the ocean floor. Remind yourself of the richness of the living world. Nothing like the sight of corals and underwater creatures to remind you that you are not alone. It gives you a different perspective, humbling and grateful, doesn't it?

Take a boat and get out on the water. Dive or sunbathe knowing your phone is safe in this full-face waterproof case, for depths up to 2 meters. Available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S. 

If exploration is more your thing, or if you're tired of lounging on the deck, throw on your wetsuit, sunscreen, fins, and take pictures while you're at it.

It's totally possible without buying expensive underwater cameras. Simply place your phone in this waterproof dive case for depths up to 50 feet. Available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy S

In the mountains

When it's hot and humid in the city, leave everything behind. Go to the mountains. Get some height and feel all your stress and worries melt away.

Immerse yourself in nature. Listen to the birds and the crunch of leaves under your feet. Music also helps to energize you while hiking.

This one isn't waterproof, but protect your airpods in this shockproof case for AirPods with carabiner. Handy for when you're hiking and carrying camping gear and don't want to search for your AirPods in your pockets or bag. Simply use the carabiner to attach your earphones to an accessible spot on any of your straps.

Speaking of no mess, prepare and protect your phone for the hike by placing it in this 360-degree protective case, available for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy Note

And use theAnywhere tripod tripod to take stable photos of you and your loved ones. The legs adapt to any object to help you position your phone and secure the shot. Going on a hike alone? No problem! Take great photos of yourself and the scenery with this reliable tripod.

Climbing on two wheels instead of your legs? Use the 100% waterproof iPhone case for bike and motorcycle to keep your route in front of you.

Did this article get you excited about your summer plans?

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