6 conseils quotidiens pour la gratitude et le bonheur

Autumn is rich in celebrations of gratitude in many cultures. These past two years have been difficult for the world. It can sometimes be difficult to feel gratitude when you or those around you, whether you know them personally or not, have suffered a loss.

But gratitude is a choice. We can choose to be grateful and happy. And just like our other choices, it takes work.

It takes work and consistency to make this choice a habit. When it becomes a habit, it simply becomes part of you, a natural and effortless practice.

Gratitude has many benefits. It makes you happy, and being happy is simply good for your brain, your heart and every system in your body. You sleep better and easier, you work better, you're kinder, and all of this makes you feel good about yourself. It's a cycle where happiness breeds happiness.

Here are our daily tips for expressing gratitude and happiness.

When you wake up, appreciate how you feel.

Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste: everything you see and hear is a blessing in itself.

Getting out of bed without help? Great. Waking up without an alarm? Wow. Turning on your morning playlist immediately? Wonderful.

When you stop to think about it, your body is an incredible machine with independent synapses that help you live your daily life. Your senses enrich your life.

Set up gratitude reminders.

A picture frame suddenly makes sense, doesn't it? Sometimes we simply forget to be grateful because we don't have reminders of what we should be grateful for or who we should be grateful to.

Add visual reminders that you can see: pictures of loved ones and pets, slogans and mottos. The most powerful triggers for gratitude thoughts are usually people.

Give your family or friends this The All Terrain Tripod: Flexible Tripod Phone Stand or thisflexible arm support for phone and the next time you make a video call, they'll be in a more stable frame and you'll be able to take a screenshot!

Take a step back and put some distance between you.

Working from home and taking online classes can sometimes create a lot of stress and aggravation at home. Put your phone onmagnetic car holder or on itsuniversal car phone holder windshield mount and drive away in a nice and quiet place.


You can also bike and run to relieve stress by exercising. Use this 100% waterproof bike and motorcycle bag phone holder to help you track your route and record your miles.

This tip is all about getting to your happy place, literally. Let your thoughts scream, then look around and let your surroundings calm you down and give you a new perspective.

Savor the good things.

This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "treat yourself". When you indulge yourself, savor it. Enjoy the warmth of the bath water, the smell of soap bubbles. Or immerse yourself completely in your favorite music with headphones that cancel out all the noise.

If you like pastries, enjoy the flakiness of the crust or the creaminess of the pastry.

When you watch your favorite shows, smile fondly at how beautiful they are. Maybe you even appreciate your laptop or television for its sharpness!

Savor things. Too often we rush to do everything at once: eat while working, clean while listening to music, and we don't get to appreciate the things that are otherwise extraordinary.

Make your things pretty and neat.

It doesn't take much to be happy. And sometimes it starts with less clutter. Seriously. Who knew, right? Marie Kondo has put her finger on something. When you have clean, tidy spaces at home, you can focus on joy instead of distraction or clutter.

Get rid of your junk and don't acquire more. Make sure what you buy is functional.

ThisiPhone cover leaves and vintage watercolour and this case in the shape of dried flowers evoke the beauty of nature and give you a sense of calm. And they protect your phone! It's functional.

Take a look at your kitchen. Maybe it's time to replace that dingy kettle with a new one in a bright enamel colour. And what about your living room and bedroom? What junk have you accumulated that you no longer use and can already be donated or recycled?

When you have a less cluttered space, you see with more clarity all those little things that are gifts of life. You don't take them for granted - you appreciate them all the more. Plus, they're no longer buried under a ton of clutter!

Remember the bad, record the good.

There is good in remembering the difficulties you have faced before. When you look back, you realize how far you've come, and it allows you to express gratitude for your current situation.

And then give yourself more and more seeds of gratitude by recording the good things. Did someone give you a gift? Did you get a surprise for your birthday? Did a dog show you affection on a walk? Take pictures and videos! Make the most of your phone's camera! Use it to capture moments you can be grateful for.

You can use your Notes app as a kind of diary and add those photos and videos.

When you're feeling down, just look back or check your notes!

These are our everyday tips, things you can on a daily basis and start right now, to get you on the path to a gratitude mindset.

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